Friday, February 26, 2021
Wardheer News

Jid Cusub: Gaso, Ganuun iyo Gasiin: Gorfeyn

W.Q. Dr Cabdirashiid M. Ismaaciil Gaso, Ganuun iyo Gasiin, markaan buuggan qacanta ku dhigay, erey kasteba waan dul istaagay. Dhowr daqiiqadood ayaan maanka ku ruxay, si wax uga soo baxaan. Haseyeeshee, waxba way ka soo dhiiqi wayday. Galka buugga qaybtiisa … Continued

Mogadishu Book Fair: A Cause for Celebration

By Hassan M. Abukar They came in droves: youth, writers, poets, educators, and government officials. All were jubilant, excited, and eager to hear, learn, or share. This was the scene at the Mogadishu Book Fair (MBF), held in the capital … Continued

Two Somali Memoirs:-Reflections of different generations

By Abdisalam Garjeex Three weeks ago, when I read Abdi Nor Iftin’s new book “Call me American”, it reminded me Hassan Abukar’s Book “Mogadishu Memoir” which I read two and half years ago. Both books reveal stories of two different … Continued

Helmi Ben Meriem: A Tunisian Scholar of Somali Studies

By Hassan M. Abukar As a child growing up in Tunisia, Helmi Ben Meriem heard nothing but negative things about Somalia. It was a country reduced to cultural stereotypes and ravaged by war, famine, and endless squabbling among its political … Continued

Jeffrey Gettleman’s tired tome

By Keren Weitzberg Africa has often served as a laboratory of self-discovery for privileged outsiders. Since the era of colonial adventurers, as Nadifa Mohamed notes, the continent has been a site “for dreams and nightmares,” a foil and mirror for many a Western traveler. This is the tradition/trap into which Jeffrey Gettleman falls. Gettleman, a Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist known for his lurid coverage of war, was until recently … Continued