Sunday, December 05, 2021
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Buug Cusub: Sheekooyin La Soo Xulay

From the introduction:

The essence of this attempt at translating some of Chekhov’s short stories has been the fulfilment of the ambitious aim, albeit to a very small degree, of introducing the Somali reader to the cultural world of Chekhov through the glimpses of the realities Anton Chekhov artfully depicts in his own unique style of the world and culture of his time in Russia.  

Admittedly, no matter how hard we tried, we are non the less well aware of that much must have been lost in the process of translation, yet we hope that we have been able to a certain measure to contribute towards that objective.

Said Jama Hussein

F.G. Haddii aad danaynayso fadlan ka dalbo madbacadda Hiil Press

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