Friday, June 09, 2023
Wardheer News

Somali names and individual identity

By Cabdalla Cumar Mansuur Introduction After nearly half a century since the adoption of a writing system, the personal names of Somali people have not yet been standardized and modernized compared to common international use. For this reason, this paper … Continued

How climate insecurity could trigger more conflict in Somalia

By Andrew E. Yaw Tchie, Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs Climate change effects such as droughts, flash floods, erratic rainfall, disruption to the monsoon seasons, strong winds, cyclones, sandstorms, dust storms and increased temperature are being experienced … Continued

When The Drums Beat – Buraanbur

By Yasmeen Maxamuud Somali women are truly magical. They are resilient, bouncing back time and again while defying adversity and showing us the true meaning of uplifting society by the bootstrap, and we always knew that, they transcend pain, and … Continued