Sunday, May 16, 2021
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When The Drums Beat – Buraanbur

By Yasmeen Maxamuud Somali women are truly magical. They are resilient, bouncing back time and again while defying adversity and showing us the true meaning of uplifting society by the bootstrap, and we always knew that, they transcend pain, and … Continued

Paramountcy of Alliteration in Somali Literature

By Maxamed Daahir Afrax Alliteration, in Somali xarafraac, is a uniquely important feature in Somali literature. Scholars have observed and commented on the role of xarafraac as one of the two structural tools that regulate Somali poetry, the other one … Continued

Kenya Approves Resumption of Nairobi-Mogadishu Flights

Sign up to our Next Africa newsletter and follow Bloomberg Africa on Twitter Kenya will resume direct flights between its capital, Nairobi and Mogadishu in Somalia, the East African nation’s Civil Aviation Authority Director-General Gilbert Kibe said Friday. Kenya had … Continued

Shut out and forgotten, refugees in Dadaab appeal for dignity

Dimming prospects of lasting solutions amid continued insecurity in Somalia and ever-shrinking resettlement slots have locked refugees in Kenya’s Dadaab camps in conditions of vulnerability and dependency. With severe mobility constraints and limited livelihood options, humanitarian assistance continues to be a … Continued

Meet Somalia’s trailblazing female camel trader

Zamzam Yusuf, a grandmother of 29, is breaking barriers by entering the once men-only camel trading industry in Somalia. By Abdishukri Haybe & Hamza Mohamed Kismayo, Somalia – Every morning just before sunrise, Zamzam Yusuf makes the short drive between her … Continued

Music Review: Saida Dahir – ‘The Walking Stereotype’

Richard Marcus Somali American poet Saida Dahir has released her first spoken word collection, The Walking Stereotypethrough Little Village Foundation releases. While only 26 minutes long, the recording is powerful, deeply moving and intensely satisfying. Spoken word recordings occasionally struggle to hold the listeners’ … Continued


By Abdi I. Dalal This poem has been written not because the Poet has ill feelings for Fahad Yasin who is a journalist by profession and who is the current Chief-of-Staff of Villa Somalia (Presidential Palace), but to exhort him … Continued