Monday, September 20, 2021
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By Abdi I. Dalal This poem has been written not because the Poet has ill feelings for Fahad Yasin who is a journalist by profession and who is the current Chief-of-Staff of Villa Somalia (Presidential Palace), but to exhort him … Continued


A poem by Abdi Ismail In every transitory phase of human history, the pungent stink of malfeasance arises. In the extreme fringe of human existence. In the infinite reaches of the human mind. In the entire range of the human … Continued

Transgression (Tacaddi): A Poem by Hussein Halane

By Hussein Halene Translated by Adam OHirsi While I am apprehensive about the current affairs of Somalia, and fearful that the never ending chaos of the homeland will render my brain waste, I met with Aw Hirsi, a  good friend who is … Continued

An interview with Ali M. Ahad

Editor’s note: Ali Mumin Ahad is a Somali scholar with multifaceted interests and a personal life story that brought him from Somalia to Italy, and now to Australia. Ali obtained his undergraduate degree in Economics at the Somali National University, … Continued

Gabay versus Guurow

By Mohamed Abdikadir (Stanza) Gabay The gabay which is the most significant kind of Somali classical literature consists of two parts separated by coma, when written, and they are known as: hoojis (rising) and hooris (falling).  If there are 20 syllabic vowels in the line, the … Continued

The Somali Language

By Mohamed Abdikadir (Stanza) The official language of Somalia and Somali people is the Somali language and it belongs to the Cushitic Afro-Asiatic languages. It is written from left to right in Latin characters. It is a language that is … Continued

The case of Somali language

By Professor Abdalla Omar Mansur When the Somali language was transcribed and became the national language in 1972, it was used extensively as the medium of instruction and administration. The way in which all this was realized became a model … Continued

Wareysi: Dr. Georgi Kapchits

Odhaahda Tifaftirka: Waxaanu akhristayaasha WardheerNews la wadaagaynaa waraysi xiise badan oo aanu la yeelanay Dr. Georgi Kapchits oo ah khabiir aad isugu taxalujiya ururinta iyo baadhista afka, dhaqanka iyo suugaanta Soomaaliyeed. Dr. Kapchits waxa uu ka waramayaa suugaanta iyo maahamaahyada … Continued