Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Nimco Happy and the rise of Somali music in Britain

By Edna Mohamed London, the United Kingdom – When Nimco Happy’s Isii Nafta (Love You More Than My Life) went viral on social media last year, many saw it as a significant step towards Somali music entering the mainstream. The multilingual song, sung in … Continued

Energy and rhythm from Djibouti to the world

he small East African nation of Djibouti has so far evaded musical discovery by the West. Now, however, the country’s official national band, Groupe RTD, is picking up international accolades with the music it plays when it’s off-duty. Stefan Franzen … Continued

Foot-tapping fusion

Blending East African, Bollywood and Arab music traditions, Groupe RTD’s “The Dancing Devils of Djibouti” is not only a stunning album, it is also the first internationally-released recording of music from this small and isolated country. By Richard Marcus The … Continued

Tumis Xeeldheer: Xudeydi, Noloshiisii Cuudka & Waayo Kale

W/Q. Bare Sare Axmed I. SamatarTurjumid: Cabdiqani Ismaaciil & Cabdicasiis Guudcadde Wuxuu mudnaanta kala mid yahay qof kasta oo Soomaali ah oo sameeyey wax qarankiisu ku faani karo. Isaga oo weli dheer, dhabarkiisu toosan yahay, tallaabadiisu xooggan tahay, maskaxdiisuna si … Continued