Monday, September 27, 2021
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Ethiopian minister who spoke out about rape in Tigray resigns

Ethiopia’s women’s minister, the first federal official to acknowledge rape had taken place during the Tigray war, announced her resignation Monday, without specifying a reason. “Any situation that compromises my ethics is contrary to my convictions and values, and betraying … Continued

Ethiopia to close embassy in Cairo over economic reasons

CAIRO, (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian embassy in Cairo will suspend its work in Egypt starting in October for three to six months due to economic reasons, announced the Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt Markos Tekle Rike. According to Egypt’s official Ahram … Continued

Mobile money uptake grows SMEs in Somalia

Somalia’s largely unbanked population could still aid the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country, if they join mobile money service. A new study on Somalia’s business environment says use of mobile money services could plug the … Continued

Picnic marred by ‘racist and Islamophobic’ attack

A family picnic to celebrate Somali women has been marred by a “racist and Islamophobic” attack, according to its organiser. Zahra Kosar tweeted that children were chased and terrorised while some parents were assaulted in St George Park, Bristol on … Continued

Sudan: Ethiopian troops ‘repelled’ after al-Fashaga advance

Sudan says it has repelled an attempted “incursion” by Ethiopian troops into its territory. The head of the Sudanese military, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said this showed how the army was protecting the country after last week’s coup attempt. In its … Continued

Muslim priesthood vs. human rights in Islam

 BY: MANSOOR ALAM We proudly proclaim to the world that there is no priesthood in Islam. However, we forget to mention that we do have a kind of priesthood in our current practice of Islam. Our professional Imams go through a similar process … Continued

Ethiopia to world leaders: Be ‘constructive’ on Tigray

By Jennifer Peltz UNITED NATIONS — Ethiopia told the international community Saturday to steer clear of sanctions and avoid meddling over its war with forces from its Tigray region, and to let the African Union work on bringing all parties together. … Continued

‘We came here and we started our lives anew’

First-generation Somali immigrants tell us how Sheffield shaped their lives By Sophie Atkinson Somalia and Sheffield are an unlikely pairing. Somalia is a country in the Horn of Africa, situated on the east side of the continent. Unlike Sheffield, Somalia … Continued

Deadly suicide car bombing rocks Somali capital

Blast kills multiple people near presidential palace checkpoint, says official on attack claimed by al-Shabaab terror group Mohammed Dhaysane   MOGADISHU, Somalia, Multiple people were killed in Somalia’s capital on Saturday after a suicide car bombing that targeted a security … Continued