Friday, November 27, 2020
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Ethiopian PM rejects Tigray conflict talks in AU meeting

 NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed again ruled out dialogue with the leaders of the defiant Tigray region Friday but said he was willing to speak to representatives “operating legally” there during his meeting with three African … Continued

Al-Shabaab blamed for killing family of 7 in Somalia

Pregnant woman, 4 children among dead Magdalene Mukami   MOGADISHU, Somalia A family of seven, including four children, were killed in what is believed to be an al-Shabaab attack in Somalia, authorities confirmed Wednesday. Gunmen struck a remote village in … Continued

Will the Tigray conflict strengthen Abiy’s hand in Ethiopia?

Experts say a rapid victory against Tigray’s rebel government would personally benefit the Ethiopian prime minister. They also warn it could lead to outright guerrilla warfare — with disastrous consequences. The humanitarian crisis in northern Ethiopia is growing by the … Continued