Friday, June 09, 2023
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Labo Isma Saarin: Memoir of An Armed Struggle: A Book Review

Reviewed by: Abdirahman A. IssaAuthor: Hussein Khalif Jama Language: Somali Publisher: Ciid Publisher Pages: 300Publication date‏: ‎2021 What drives a young medical student to take up arms against his government? This is the central question explored by Labo Isma Saarin, a memoir by Hussein … Continued

South Seattle families publish new Somali-English children’s books

By Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks A story about a monkey outsmarting a deceitful crocodile sounds like a typical children’s book readily available on library shelves. But traditional Somali fables like “Daanyeerkii Caqliga Badnaa” are hard to find in the United States — particularly … Continued

Safirka: An American Envoy: A book Review

Reviewed by : Abdirahman A. Issa Book: SafiirkaAuthor: Peter BridgesPublisher:  Kent State University PressPages: 266 Language: EnglishPublication date‏: ‎2000 Peter Bridges is an American career diplomat who has served in American foreign service for three decades. He was posted in … Continued

Han iyo Hagardaamo: Buug Cusub

Han iyo Hagardaamo waa buug cusub oo uu qoray Maxamuud Ibraahim jaamac (Xaaji), waana sheeko-faneed qaadaadhigaysa hanka durugsan iyo haybadda waxsoosaar ee Ilaah hibada u siiyay walaalaheena gabooye. Waxaa barbar socda taas, hagardaamada iyo hantaaqada ay Soomaalida kale ku hayaan … Continued

Framing Somalia: Beyond Africa’s Merchants of Misery- Book Review

Reviewed by Abdi Issa and Gaaruun YalaxAuthor: Abdi Ismail SamatarPublished: Red Sea PressPages: 212Publication date ‏: ‎ 2022 Abdi Samatar’s new book Framing Somalia Beyond Africa’s Merchants of Misery is another well-reasoned and researched take down on the status quo of … Continued

Mogadishu Book Fair Resumes after COVID-19 Lockdown Postponement

Mohamed Kahiye MOGADISHU, SOMALIA — Somalia’s annual Mogadishu International Book Fair has resumed following the suspension of the event last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions were applied to the invitation-only event this year in order to prevent the … Continued