Wednesday, February 01, 2023
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Breakaway bishops threaten split in Ethiopia church

The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Abune Mathias, has called on all bishops around the world to urgently convene in the capital, Addis Ababa, as the church faces a major split. This comes after a group of three … Continued

Ethiopia marks Epiphany with water, colour and prayer

Ziway (Ethiopia) (AFP) – Aboard canoes, motorboats and kayaks fashioned from papyrus stems, the faithful converged on a lake in central Ethiopia to celebrate the Orthodox holiday of Epiphany, known locally as “Timkat”. Lake Ziway, 120 kilometres (75 miles) south of … Continued

Remembering Scholars of Islam Executed in 1975

Prof. Abdurahman Abdullahi (Baadiyow) Forty-eight years ago, on January 23, 1975, the Somali people were shocked after the military regime executed 10 eminent scholars of Islam. These scholars peacefully protested the violation of Islamic law in the promulgated secular family … Continued

Quran in Numbers

BY: MAJD ARBIL Following are some numbers to consider related to the Quran, but please keep in mind verse 18:109 of the Quran, which says: Say, O Prophet, “If the ocean were ink for writing the Words of my Lord, it would certainly … Continued

In Barron, Somali-Americans drop call-to-prayer request

BARRON, Wis. (AP) — Somali-American residents in Barron have withdrawn a request to play an amplified call to prayer from two mosques after facing opposition from some community members. Barron, a town of about 3,400, is home to some 470 … Continued

The Question of Sharia Application in Somalia

By Prof. Abdurahman Abdullahi (Baadiyow)[1] Sharia laws have been accepted and partially implemented in Somalia throughout its history. However, the modern call for the realization of Sharia is ascribed to the Islamist movements advocating its comprehensive application in all aspects … Continued

Quran’s Comprehensive Economic System

BY: MANSOOR ALAM If Zakah is one of the pillars of Deen, it stands to reason that this pillar must stand on a firm foundation.  That firm foundation is comprised of each Muslim’s unshakable conviction, 100% commitment, utter sincerity, and complete dedication to the … Continued