Friday, June 09, 2023
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Muslims, police clash after prayers in Ethiopia capital

ADDIS ABABA, Police fired teargas at worshippers today outside Addis Ababa’s largest mosque, in the latest clashes fuelled by the destruction of mosques in the Ethiopian capital. Several Muslim places of worship have been destroyed in Addis Ababa in recent … Continued

The Universal Dimension of Hajj

BY: MANSOOR ALAM Originally humankind was one single community, free of discord. Then human beings created mutual differences and since these differences could not be resolved by means of human intellect alone, Allah sent a series of Messengers and Books for … Continued

CAIR Urges Biden Administration to Act on Ethiopia Mosque Demolitions

WASHINGTON, D.C., – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the Biden administration to take concrete actions to prevent the government of Ethiopia from demolishing that nation’s mosques.  The … Continued

The Authority in Deen is the Book of Allah

 BY: MANSOOR ALAM Anything that is in accordance with the Book of Allah (the Quran) is right; it is the truth; it is real. Anything that is against the Book of Allah is wrong; it is false; it is bogus – … Continued

How to Get Closer to God

BY: MANSOOR ALAM What does “getting closer to God” mean? Obviously, it does not mean getting closer to God physically, as that would be contrary to the Quranic concept of God – God is not situated in a particular place in … Continued

Repentance: A Bountiful Blessing

 BY: SUHAIB WEBB As the warm breeze of Ramadan settles, we are reminded of the Prophet’s  statement, ‘Upon the arrival of Ramadan the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.’ Ramadan brings with … Continued

Ramadan, Quran and The Believer

BY: SADULLAH KHAN amadan is the month of heightened Allah-consciousness, of attaining taqwa / God-consciousness; of training ourselves to be the best we can be; a month to initiate improvement of reputation, character and for cultivating good habits. Ramadan is also the month … Continued

Ramadan: Nigerians face arrest for ‘eating in public’

Islamic police in Nigeria’s northern Kano state have warned Muslims against violating religious norms during the holy month of Ramadan, including “eating in public”. In a statement on Thursday, the religious police force, known as Hisbah Board, warned that those … Continued

Ramadan Preparation: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

BY: LOBNA YOUSSEF MULLA Cleaning out the closet feels great. You go through all of your stuff, throw away whatever you don’t want, and give away things you don’t need. In the end, you know you are left with more space, … Continued

Syrian pilgrim dies upon reaching Mecca on bike from Germany

Shehadeh’s journey draws widespread attention and admiration on social media Dubai: A Syrian pilgrim who rode a bike all the way from Germany to Mecca has died upon reaching his destination, Arabic media reported. Ghazi Jassim Shehadeh, a 53-year-old Syrian … Continued