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WardheerNews Moments is a visual rarity to uncover the beauty of Somalia one photo at a time. This collection comes from our archives of summer and fall 2017. It is sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines.

Somalis are Nomads, you can’t separate them from their animals even in big cities. Goats roam the streets and are mostly domesticated, even entitled. You may find numbers written on their side, that is an easy way to contact the owner in case they get lost


Families enjoying the gorgeous beaches of Somalia. This is Boosaaso in the North East enclave of Somalia. On hot summer days families come together with children to enjoy the clean air and sparling sand. Boosaaso is on the Red Sea and summer days can go over 100 Degrees.
This is Beer and Canjeero, a succlint breakfast of liver with onions and Tomatoes. Eaten all over Somalia the combination of the suited liver with the bread canjeero unites the different ingredients


In the Nugal Region of Somalia we found this camel man. There is nothing that comes between a man and his camel. Somalia is said to have millions of camels. Camel milk is a constant in the diet. Camel milk is said to have many health benefits.
Bajaaj (tuk-tuk) is how one maneuvers moving around Xamar (Mogadishu). The Bajaaj economy is a burgeoning economy.
Liido beach in Mogadishu is one of the most famous beaches in Somalia. Families with young children and young people enjoy the beach. Somalia has the longest coast in Africa. This beach is on the Indian Ocean. Cool and breath taking.


Eid Al Adha 2017 in Hargeysa. The faithful gather for one of two Eid celebrations. Hargeysa is expansive city with many contemporary restaurants and shopping centers. Hargeysa is paving its way as one of the top cities in Africa.


This aged tree is somewhere near Ceergaabo in the Sanaag region, in northern Somalia. This region is wide and expansive and host some of the oldest historical archaeological sites and ancient tombs. Sanaag region is rich with myrrh and Frankincense. The land is breathtaking with Nomads and their heard reigning supreme.



An estimated 1.4 million camels live in Somalia. It’s magnificent presence is felt across somalia, roaming and gracing. There is love and awe between a camel and his owner.
Fresh fruits like Mango, Papaya and Watermelon are a daily meal for many. Organic fruits are available across Somalia.
Elegant rooftops in are popping all over Somalia. Most major cities showcase these gorgeous spaces as restaurants, gathering and entertainment venues. This stunning rooftop view is in Mogadishu