Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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So much to Lose and So Little to Gain

By Rashid Yahya What the impasse in Mogadishu forbodes for Somalia is terrifying. The nation is once again under a cloud of doom. Fear, uncertainty, and another looming disaster is on the horizon. In this blessed month of Ramadan, people … Continued

The Essence of Somaliness: Open Letter

By Abdirazak Osman It has become a normative wisdom that one cannot discourse about Somali politics in reflective and relevant ways without ridicule and vilification. If one indeed advances any political proposition, we as Somalis filter that argument through our … Continued

Farmajo: Clever or a cunning autocrat?

By Faisal A Roble A Prelude to Usurpation of Power “Timely elections are a critical pillar of healthy democracy. Engineering a term extension is a breach of democratic norms & risks destabilizing Somalia…Attempts to undermine dialogue on a path to … Continued

Barkhad Batuun: A Man on A Mission!

By M. Harun Immense socio-economic and political challenges anywhere produce, more often than not, a new wave of political thoughts and the people to turn them to a reality. In this part of the world, Somaliland, that is not the … Continued

The rumble in Mogadishu – A Circus Show

By Ahmeddek Ayah After five meetings between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the Federal Member States (FMS), and more than a dozen meetings between the head of states, Somalia’s leaders have failed to end a stalemate over the … Continued

Puntland Democratization: Challenges and Opportunities

By Abdirahman A. Issa Why Puntland’s First Democratization Experiment Failed? Puntland state was established in August 1998 as an autonomous region of Somalia, and first charter adopted to transition the administration from clan-based system to multiparty democracy in three years … Continued

Manifesto II: Somali Political Quagmire

     To: All Somali Political Organizations     To: UN SRSG Office     To: Security Council Member States     To: EU Envoy to Somalia    To: AU, IGAD Secretariat, Arab League, and IOC    To: International Crisis Group Brussels, Belgium    Ref.: … Continued

Mogadishu: Trepiano

By Guled Osman Around the middle of 2013, when I grew very accustomed to living and working in Mogadishu. I was enjoying life in my new surroundings. I knew the risks, but Mogadishu had a lot more to offer than … Continued