Sunday, May 29, 2022
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The power of donor’s aid conditionality in the Somali election

By Jamal A. Mohammed The fall of Somali government can be traced back to poorly managed democratic governance since 1969. The universal suffrage election model only happened in the 60s and subsequent attempts of state-rebuilding process favored transition governments and … Continued

Open letter to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

By Abdisalam Issa-Salwe, PhD Advice to the servant of the Somali nation Dear Excellency; President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Allow me to begin by congratulating you on your recent election for the president of Somalia. This election appears to have come … Continued

Welcoming President-elect Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud

By Faisal Roble Today is May 15, 2022 and it coincides with two major events with each having its own weight in Somali history. About 75 years ago, the Somali Youth League, SYL, which delivered independence to Somalia was established. The … Continued

Farmajo: Factors Impeding his Re-election

BY Faisal A. Roble On February 8, 2017, Somalis all over the globe expressed their hopes in the election of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. He succeeded former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud as the fifth president in the era of post Carta … Continued

The Sham selection that Shames Somalia: The case of President Deni

WardheerNews Editorial Somalia was under various transitional governments since the collapse of the military-led central government in January 1991. These transitional arrangements were meant to prepare the way for a permanent government that could return Somalia to its former standing. … Continued

Notes to Somalia’s Nasty Elections: A Personal View

By Faisal A. Roble Somalia’s elections are nasty, eccentric, and notoriously corrupt, often dominated by conniving politicians who exhibit no commitment to meaningful politics.  For 30 years, the people of this otherwise resilient nation have been condemned to a system … Continued