Thursday, November 30, 2023
Wardheer News

Notes of Somali Elections

By Prof. Abdurahman Baadiyow Marking the 54th year since the last democratic election held in Somalia in 1969, as well as the 23 years since the re-establishment of the Somali state in 2000 through the Djibouti Peace and Reconciliation Conference, … Continued

From Drought to Flooding: Navigating Somalia’s Climate Crisis

By Hussien Mohamed Yusuf Somalia has a history of recurring droughts that have had severe consequences for the country’s population, particularly for pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. Droughts in Somalia are often linked to climate variability, including the El Niño and … Continued

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: A peacemaker or Warmonger

 By Amb. Mohammed Ahmed Awil The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali, stands out as one of the youngest leaders in East Africa and the entire African continent. He rose to power at the age of 42 in February 2018, … Continued

A Triumph Over Adversity: A glimpse into a battle of peace

By Mohamed A Mire On August 25th, 2023, a profoundly significant event unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of our nation. This momentous occurrence marked the triumphant defeat of occupying forces in Lasanod, the capital city of SSC … Continued

Why Are Somali Boys in The Diaspora Killed?

By Abdi Mohamud Many Somali boys in the diaspora are killed every year. The number is so high and disproportionate compared to other immigrant communities from Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, who live in North America and Europe. The unabated killings … Continued