Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Somalia: Unprecedented Marriage to Ethiopia Erodes Sovereignty

By Faisal A. Roble Awkward and discomforting stories emerging from Mogadishu of unabashed coziness of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo with Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed symbolizes the erosion of Somalia’s fledgling recovery from collapse to a tutelage state of Ethiopia. Regrettably, subjecting Somali … Continued

Beware of Misinformation and Disinformation

By Mohamed Abdi Misinformation and disinformation deceive people and divert their direction and decision making aptitudes. But what are they? Misinformation is to unintentionally mislead people, while disinformation is to intentionally mislead them. In other words, misinformation is to share … Continued

In Somalia, Higher Institutions Lecturers are Underpaid

By Abdiraman Jama Guhaad After the collapse of the central government and the aftermath of the turbulent and destructive civil war that followed it, the country’s infrastructures, and the institutions including the education sector, ceased for a period. Efforts made … Continued

Farmajo: Framing the Narrative and Fleecing the Elections

By Faisal A. Roble Blaming Others The highly touted parliamentary and presidential elections supposed to conclude by February 8, 2021 are and will likely be delayed. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) seized a narrative that puts the blame on Puntland … Continued

Hassan M. Abukar: A Tribute

By Abdirahman A. Issa From Allah we come and to Him we return. Geeridu nimaanad garaynin iyo Geeljiray ku wacan tahay , is a Somali lamentation about death, which roughly translates, “The news of death is less painful if the passing is about an unknown person or a … Continued

Garissa County Governor: The Responsible Administrator

By Adan Makina Since taking over the Governorship of Garissa County in August 2018 after trouncing his political competitors, Governor Ali Bunow Korane who is popularly known as ABK by his constituents, took the best public policy formulations to create effective … Continued

Who Can Defeat Farmaajo?

By Mohamed Fatah Most elections are either referendum or a choice, especially if one of the candidates is an incumbent. The upcoming election in Somalia is no different. The 2021 election will either be a referendum on President Mohamed Abdullahi … Continued