Friday, May 29, 2020
Wardheer News

Elusive peace, some progress, albeit blunders and excesses

By Osman H. Yusuf Part I – Somalia– Politics, Federal Government and Member States As 2020/2021 elections approach disagreements between the Federal government, Fed Member States and opposition parties are at an all-time high and people wonder that if an … Continued

How Covid-19 is changing our lives

By Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud Covid-19 has nearly turned the life upside down. According to the latest global tally, it so far affected 202 territories with over 5 million infections. The global death toll stands slightly over 350 thousand at the … Continued

Somalia: Not 1990 Again

By WardheerNews editorial Thirty Years ago, on the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the founding of the Somali Youth League (SYL), a group of eminent leaders  among them Somalia’s legendary democratic former president and one of its founding fathers, … Continued

A broader malfeasance at the heart of Federal Government of Somalia

By Leyla Qasim The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) has corroded its prime energy and resources to usurp powers from other two arms of government (legislature and judiciary) and cajole Federal member states bringing under its power orbit. In utter contempt of the constitution and disregard for public trust, the executive arm … Continued