Friday, July 10, 2020
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Somalia’s Transition Option for 2020/2021 Elections

By Puntland Development and Research Center (PDRC Introduction One of the most contentious issue in Somalia after the collapse of the central state, and subsequent efforts to reconstitute the nation (1991-2000), has been to strike an agreement on an interim … Continued

Dr. Abiy: Fragile and Drowning in his Own Theory

By Faisal A. Roble Within two years since he became the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed appears to have lost the support of his Oromo core constituency. The recent arrests of prominent Oromo leaders and intellectuals (Jawar Mohamed … Continued

Elusive peace, some progress, albeit blunders and excesses – Part III

By Osman H. Yusuf Somalia -Public administration, governance and corruption                       Observers say that the leadership of the current government has probably put in place its own brand of administration which reflects the characteristics of innovation and efficiency of modern management … Continued

Prime Minister Abiy: Offending Black Americans

By Faisal Roble In an outlandish round of bazar comments, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia argued that Blacks in America “failed” to take advantage of the rights given to them two hundred years ago. Contrast this lazy comment by … Continued

The Case for Positive Discrimination in Somalia

By Liban Ahmad This year the adoption of 4.5 power-sharing system will turn twenty years. Many Somalis hail it as an imperfect but necessary stage in the transition from a fragile state to a country with fully functioning institutions.  Without … Continued

Our Land is not Yours to Appease Somalidiid

By Osman Hassan Appeasement has become a dirty word in the lexicon of the English language and all because of its historical connotations. On 30 September 1938, a former British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, went to the German town of … Continued