Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Somalia’s elections and failures ahead!

By Abdihafid Mohamed Omar (Wadaad) Somalia has not had a free election for almost 60 years! You might ask why? Back in the sixties when the colonialists left; the country was poor in every aspect. The Majority of the populace … Continued

INTOLERANCE : A vile and dangerous human attitude

By Said Jama Hussein It is my absolute conviction that of all human passions, attitudes and behaviors the most dangerous and despicable is intolerance. Hence the fight against it must be equally resolute and tenacious. Human history is full of … Continued

Who is Somalia’s next president?

By Isaac Muhammad John Maxwell was right: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” And at the peak of Somalia’s colossal predicaments, it is a numbing example of an appalling failure of leadership. Indeed, for more than half a century after … Continued


By Khatumo Action Council Introduction We, the Khatumo Action Council (KAC), are an umbrella organization representing all sections of the people of the regions of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) in Northern Somalia (former British Somaliland), and united in fulfilling … Continued

Somali names and individual identity

By Cabdalla Cumar Mansuur Introduction After nearly half a century since the adoption of a writing system, the personal names of Somali people have not yet been standardized and modernized compared to common international use. For this reason, this paper … Continued