Saturday, July 11, 2020
Wardheer News

Devastating Life Lost -Maxamed Baashe Xaaji Xasan

By Ahmed Ismail Yusuf We belong to Allah and to whom of which we shall return. We all know that death is not avoidable but this one left devastating wreckage in its wake. My friend Maxamed Baashe Xaaji Xasan was … Continued

Conflict Déjà vu in Mudug Region

By New Access International (NAI) Executive Summary Mudug region is perhaps Somalia’s most deeply divided administrative region, with layers of divergent loyalties fostering an environment of social mistrust, institutional paralysis and chronic insecurity. The conflict is multi-layered, has impacted millions … Continued


By Mohamed A. Fatah EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSomali politics represent the main threat to the security and stability of the nation. The political disputes between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), and the Federal Member States (FMSs) over the provisional constitution, federalism, … Continued

Civil Protests in Gardafuu region of Puntland

By Nasrudin Mohamed Ahmed Gardafuu region is the youngest of Puntland’s current nine (9) regions. Its creation was announced in April 2013 and approved by the parliament three months later. The region was carved out of Bari region following protracted … Continued

An Electoral Model for Puntland

By Abdiwahid A. Jama and Abdullahi S. OsmanPuntland Diaspora Volunteer Group – UK Introducing a democratic programme and popular elections has been a long-term aspiration of the people in Puntland. All past administrations solemnly promised transforming the political system making … Continued

Is Farmajo Ready to Vacate Villa Somalia?

By Faisal A. Roble As the debate over elections loom large, Somalis and donor communities alike do not exactly know what to expect.  It is certain that the political mercury will hit a record high as we approach 2021, and … Continued