Thursday, January 23, 2020
Wardheer News

Our Hearts Are Broken: Eulogy for Almas

By Abdifatah Hassan Ali and Mohamed Abdirahman Ali Dear Almas, words can’t express how much our hearts are broken and shattered into pieces by your sudden departure. As we write this tribute, we hope and pray that you are resting … Continued

The Former Somalia: Freedom & Its Malcontents

By Abdul Ahmed III I am pleased to learn that Madame Edna Aden uses the term as well (as the article claims). The honorable Madame Edna Aden had gallantly served her people for more than 50 years.  I hope many … Continued

Puntland: Can it survive the public awakening?

By Mohamed Ismail Mohamed (Siibad) Since the new Puntland Parliament was sworn, in January 2019, many Members of Parliament were resolute on stopping the bleeding Puntland has been suffering during the past 20 years. In Puntland it was the norm … Continued

The Myth of Somali Exceptionality

Dr. Abdurahman Abdullahi (Baadiyow) Clannism is the main source of all kinds of tribulations in Somalia and as such various policies has to be developed to fight and eliminate its polarizing effect. This conception was proclaimed by the Somali Youth … Continued

Tribalism is not the Problem, Nepotism is!

By Abdihafid Mohamed Wadaad Naturally people are divided. From the bottom, two brothers of the same blood and flesh might sometimes part ways and can set up their families respectively away from each other’s area or knowledge. With that in … Continued


By Liban Ahmad The least-discussed aspect of Somali politics is the alliance of Somali clans known as Others. In 2000 when the Djibouti-sponsored reconciliation conference was going on in Arta city, participants agreed the infamous 4.5 power-sharing mechanism. The digit … Continued

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