Sunday, October 01, 2023
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Hassan Sheikh: Somalia’s absentee President

By Ali H. Abdulla When elected, the President of the Federal Government of Somalia takes an oath before the Federal Parliament, where he swears to perform his duties honestly and in the best interest of the Nation, People, and Religion. … Continued

Analyzing Puntland’s ‘National Curriculum’ Part III

Abdirizak H. Nuurre, PhD Purpose: We examined ‘Puntland National Curriculum Framework’ (PNCF) in two separate papers to understand its meanings and to determine its “form and substance”. We analyzed the developers’ approach to PNCF purpose and content, development, planning, guiding … Continued

Examining the durable solutions capacities in Kismayo and Afgoye

By Somali Public Agenda Internal displacement and refugee repatriation in Somalia are closely tied to the dynamics of climate change and environmental degradation, and in addition to a highly volatile security context. Somalia is currently experiencing severe drought caused by … Continued

Charity work lagging in Somalia: Part II

By Abdi Mohamud Somali people have always devoted some of their resources to the less fortunate in the society. In the pastoral Somali communities that have inhabited the Horn of Africa for millenia, charity work has been part of their … Continued

Reflections on the life of Ali Mire Awaleh 1926 – 2023

By Osman Hassan Ali Mire Awale was one leading fathers of formal education in British  Somaliland Protectorate whose birth place is Sheikh, where the first Intermediate and elementary boarding schools were built in 1944 soon after the end of the … Continued

Trade Makes States: Governing the Greater Somali Economy: A book Review

Reviewed by: Abdirahman A. Issa Editors: Tobias Hagmann and Finn StepputatPublisher:  Hurst PublisherPages: 274Publication date‏: ‎2023 Trade Makes States is an interesting addition on the growing corpus on the debates of Somali state formation. The book, edited by Tobias Hagmann and Finn Stepputat, explores … Continued

Charity Work Lagging in Somalia: Part I

By Abdi Mohamud This article will be in two parts, first one will give a brief history of charity work in the world and second one will exclusively address philanthropy and charity activities in Somalia. Charity work has been promoted … Continued