Sunday, October 17, 2021
Wardheer News

Pruning the Youngster by Abdinoor Derow: A Book Review

By Adan Makina The recently published book, Pruning the Youngster by Abdinoor Derow has been in progression for three years, according to the author who painstakingly took the time and energy to make it a reality. Published this year by … Continued

A Moment with a Somali from the Diaspora

By Hussien Mohamed Yusuf It is well known fact that there are Somalis living in every corner of the world. These Somalis who have emigrated for some reason or another make short visits back to their homeland at some point. … Continued

Puntland, Jubaland, and Political Patronage

By Faisal A. Roble Jubaland’s Geography: Curse or Blessing Jubaland has been an important Federal Member State (FMS) of the Somali Federal system since 2012. It has a tortuous past and many contemporary political challenges. It is one of the … Continued

My first visit to Jigjiga: A reflection -part 1

By Mohamed Salah Ahmed Enormous excitement and anticipation filled me when I received an email from the organizers of the 14th Somali Studies International Conference (SSIC) extending me with an invitation to present one of my papers at the conference. … Continued

Goodbye Amisom, Good Riddance

By Osman Hassan Somalia’s tart and sharp response to the high-handed and overbearing demand from the African Union for Amisom’s continued, and more or less open-ended, presence in the country is bound to resonate with its people for too long … Continued

Somalia’s elections and failures ahead!

By Abdihafid Mohamed Omar (Wadaad) Somalia has not had a free election for almost 60 years! You might ask why? Back in the sixties when the colonialists left; the country was poor in every aspect. The Majority of the populace … Continued