Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Ethiopia: State of Terror and A Somali Perspective

By Faisal Roble War crimes against humanity in Ethiopia are as perennial as are its rivers.  Acts of collective punishment, massacres, ethnic cleansing, and genocid, which together make war crimes against humanity, go deeper in Ethiopia than meets the eye. … Continued

Somaliland: An Election on Show for a Sham Nation

By Khatumo Action Council The northern one-clan rebel movement going by the misnomer Somali National Movement (SNM) are remembered for two treacherous acts they committed against the Somali nation: first they played a part in the collapse of the Somali … Continued

A Eulogy for Professor Mohamed Abdi Haji

By Adan Makina It was three days after Prof. Mohamed Abdi Haji ( Gandhi) passed away for the Afterlife on April 18, 2021, when a friend who was conversing with me on the Phone, broke to me the news of … Continued

The rise and Farmaajo dictatorship

Dr. Aweys Omar Mohamoud It was Farmaaja’s boast that his dictatorial reign would last for twenty years. Instead, it lasted only for thirteen days, 12 – 25 April 2021. The dictatorship hit a brick wall on that fateful day of … Continued

From Despair to Hope: Saving Somalia

Faisal A. Roble The complicated journey for Somalia’s recovery started in earnest at the Arta convention, a Somali-owned gathering under a tent in Djibouti in 2000. About twenty one years later, hope could be found once again in a similarly Somali-owned … Continued

Issa-Afar Conflict in Ethiopia

By Sitti Diaspora Community Ethiopia is currently going through tough time with reports of mass killings being reported from every corner but the military operation in Tigray is seemingly the only one getting most media attention. Unfortunately, the deadly Somali-Afar … Continued

Can the World Eradicate Coronavirus?

By Mohamed Abdi “Coronavirus doesn’t end anywhere until it ends everywhere,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The prime minister means the whole world has to be vaccinated, but is that doable or how long does such a process take?  A … Continued

Don’t Blame Me for Delaying Somalia’s Elections

By Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed  To avoid a power vacuum after my four-year mandate as Somalia’s president ended on Feb. 8, Somalia’s House of the People passed legislation in 2020 to ensure that the political transfer of power rightfully happens only … Continued

In defiance of Farmaajo fool’s errand

Dr Aweys Omar Mohamoud Following the illegal extension at the Lower House of Parliament on 12 April 2021, this campaign called for the creation of a national resistance movement in the diaspora to complement the gathering clouds of internal resistance … Continued

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

By Dr. Ali Bahar President Mohamed Abdullahi, Farmajo, Dare Say: “Let my people vote.” The Mogadishu Factor: Most Somalis of today understand the extent to which the Mogadishu project at every level has forced the Somali people to remain in … Continued