Thursday, January 28, 2021
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The Fight over State Power: A Personal Perspective

By Faisal A. Roble One of the most enduring epistemologies Karl Marx introduced to social science is the theory of class struggle as he had outlined in the Communist Manifesto written in a pamphlet format in 1848. The undying value … Continued

Is Somalia right to sever diplomatic ties with Kenya?

By Isaac Muhammad At the Summit of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) currently known as ‘African Union’ (AU) 1964 in Cairo, The African Leaders declared the colonially inherited borders sacrosanct, thus transforming them into international borders. (See AHG/Res. 16 … Continued

Rebuilding Somalia’s Health System in the Time of COVID-19

By Sahra Noor Over four decades of civil war, extreme poverty, and political instability have made Somalia’s health system, one of Africa’s most fragile systems. The COVID-19 crisis and numerous health system strategic planning and analysis documents reveal significant gaps … Continued

Puntland: Challenges and Opportunities

By Abdurrahman Issa Puntland is facing a myriad of challenges, while opportunities are abound as President Said Abdullahi Deni finishes his second year in office. A widespread protest against inflation broke out across Puntland cities;  this is a serious economic … Continued

The Somali Federal System Has Outrun Its Usefulness

By Liban Ahmad The federal system of Somalia introduced in 2004 does not sound as a defensible proposition as it was ten years ago. What has changed in Somalia since 2010 to turn the federal system into a cumbersome, divisive … Continued

Prophet Mohammad: The Greatest Leader of Mankind

By Mohamed Abdi  Even Prophet Mohammad’s bitter adversaries had faith in his justice, making people flock to him for dispensing justice irrespective of their creed. God has honored and authenticated Prophet Mohammad, and entrusted him with peaceful and impartial message. … Continued