Sunday, December 05, 2021
Wardheer News

Furtive Farmajo Falls for Fahad’s Follies

By Faisal A. Roble Only six months before his term’s expiration, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo nominated Mohmed Hussein Roble as his Prime Minister In September 2020. The new PM replaced the fallen and flamboyant former PM Hassan Khayre. Like his … Continued

The Perils of a Novice Inept Prime Minister Gone Astray

By Osman Hassan They say the cat has nine lives, considering its feat to often survive the dangers it encounters in its daily struggle. Somalia shares that reputation. How often it falls, falters but always rebounds and back on its … Continued

Islamophobia Is Real and Active in Canada

By Mohamed Abdi Islamophobia is real and active in Canada, but the country is taking initiatives aimed at fighting the phobia. Canadian Muslims shouldn’t be frightened in a country that takes pride in diversity and tolerance, as they’re an integral … Continued

Pruning the Youngster by Abdinoor Derow: A Book Review

By Adan Makina The recently published book, Pruning the Youngster by Abdinoor Derow has been in progression for three years, according to the author who painstakingly took the time and energy to make it a reality. Published this year by … Continued