Sunday, May 29, 2022
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A Response to Kush Media Network on President Mustafe

By Faisal A. Roble On January 30, 2022, Kush Media Network aired a report on  Mustafe Omer, president of the Somali region; the report focused on his alliance with Fanno and the red flag about potential danger to the border … Continued

The UAE Cross-Border Transaction-$9.6 Million

By Mohamed Adam On April 8, 2018, a Royal UAE jet landed at Adan Cade international airport. According to the reports at the time, the royal private jet did not notify its cash cargo to the Mogadishu Airport Authority, nor … Continued

ONLF: Thank You PM Roble

WardheerNews Editorial Wardheernews joins millions of Somalis who enthusiastically welcomed the decision of PM Hussein Mohamed Roble of Somalia to nullify a treasonous decision that designated Ogaden National Liberarion Front (ONLF) as a terrorist group in the Horn of Africa. … Continued

Jigjiga and the Desecration of the Somali Cause

By Faisal A. Roble If Abdi Muhumed Omar was Ethiopianizing Somalis without Amharization, Mustafe Omar is Amharizing Somalis before he Ethiopianizes them. In the wee-hours of the morning of January 19, 2022, a friend woke me up. He shared with … Continued

Reflections on the métier of Dr Aweys Omar Mohamoud

By Ahmed Sharif Abbas,1 MBBS; MPH; PhD It is an honour to share some thoughts about Dr. Aweys Omar Mohamoud’s very important and liberating ideas for peace and state-building in Somalia, now that the elections are on the horizon and … Continued

Last kicks of the dying Empire

By Fardouse Musse Ever since he came to power in April 2018, Abiy has left no stone unturned to resurrect the imperial days of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa-based government and private media outlets have missed no minute to smear multi-ethnic federalism. … Continued

Last attempt to get election done

By WardheerNews editorial As Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble promises to conclude the belated elections by February 25, 2022, multiple challenges are clouding Somali politics.  Elections have been delayed for more than one year. Any miscalculation or failing to deliver … Continued

Stench of corruption hangs over drought-hit Somali region

By Muktar Ismail Issack  As conditions worsen, regional government funds appear to have been misused.  The Somali region has been crippled by the rampant corruption of successive administrations that continues to harm people, hampering the delivery of basic public services … Continued

Heritage’s Conference: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Faisal A. Roble Moments of Great Feelings The closing days of the tumultuous year of 2021 coincided with  the festive occasion of the fifth round of Heritage’s Forum For Ideas (FFI), an annual event that brings Somalis into Djibouti. … Continued

The bitter sweet, double edge sword of a politician

By Abdulkadir Hussein Soon after they lose jobs, Somali officials start hurling fierce criticism on the system they hawked hard when they were holding offices. They become hostile critic In recent years, an era of sophisticated technology and advanced virtual … Continued