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Somalia: A House Deliberately Divided Against Itself

By Adam I. Aw Hirsi

The annals of history are steeped with bloody stories of nations, once thriving and prosperous, which find themselves desolated and in ruins, not solely due to the might of enemy forces, but primarily ensuing from infighting between their leaders.

The national consultative meeting, Mogadishu, 2022

Often, it is the inner turmoil that dampens the spirit of progress, wears down the resilience of a nation, and undermines the strength of its institutions, setting the stage for external forces to strike the final blow. Somalia, in its turbulent history, is no exception to this unfortunate trajectory.

Once a beacon of potential in the horn of Africa, Somalia has found herself entangled in a web of insurmountable challenges, each one seemingly more precarious than the last. Plagued by the ghost of a brutal civil war that led to the complete annihilation of institutions, Somalia now finds herself amidst a fresh wave of adversities: combating the venomous domestic terror group Al Shabaab, fending off Ethiopian leader’s naked aggression intending to annex parts of Somalia, and grappling with the adverse impact of climate change.

In this volatile tableau, what Somalia can ill afford is her national leaders choosing to continually embroil themselves in ceaseless disputes that bear no direct relevance to the plight of its jaded populace.

Like an old saying goes, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” The leaders must understand that their protracted squabbles over personal vendettas or office tenure are no less than a sword of Damocles hanging over the nation’s head, endangering its precarious journey to recovery and stabilization.

During such fraught times, the nation’s leaders need to exhibit a spirit of pragmatism and unity, putting the welfare of the country above personal interests. They need to devise a realistic approach to navigate through this looming impasse. As the popular saying warns, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

In conclusion, if we continue with the bitter senseless disputes, we definitely risk plunging the nation back into chaos. In particular, if the few men at the helm continue their disagreements, they might find themselves rulers of dust and ashes. For, without unity of direction and purpose, there will remain nothing to squabble over and definitely nothing to rule.

Adam I. Aw Hirsi,

Adam Aw Hirsi (PhD), is the Director of Foresight® for Practical Solutions – FPS, East Africa. He can be reached at: [email protected] 𝕏: @JustAwHirsi

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