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Youth and Truth: De-westernizing the mind

By Abdinoor Maalim Derow

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of soon to be released book “Youth & Truth: De-Westernizing the Mind” written by Abdinur Maalim. Youth and Trush is an amalgamation of numerous studies that are part historical and historiographical, psychiatrically tantalizing, philosophical and its branches that bring together ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics, logic and political philosophy and pragmatically tabulated simplification of psychiatry, and other broader religious definitions. The young emerging author Abdinur, who will obviously be a force to reckon with if given the necessary tools, has made tremendous efforts in producing a very unique book that rhymes with modern politics that requires stupendous denervation.


Forgive me to say this; 21st century is all such a crappy century. To me the millennial is such a jinxed (oft-unlucky) generation ever set foot on the surface of the earth. I’m pretty sure, some of the readers out there have already judged my assertions as such a chunk pessimism or a moonshine with no substance at all or a statement that is epistemologically “hollow” and does not hold any water. Relax! Let me demystify further to demonstrate an idiot guide to my conclusion. To be honest I’m not a pessimist nor an apocalyptic in my thinking. 

I believe and anybody of sound mind would be in tandem with me that 21st century saw myriads of international bottlenecks continuously gaining tractions. A manifestation of a wide gulf of challenges ranging from the persistence of environmental destructions, the proliferations of radicalization and violent extremism that is threatening our very existence, the propensity of the West that has no qualm in spreading pathological ideologies that are meant to scrap off humanity out of the face of humanity–The list is so long that i can’t exhaust within the periphery of this book.

More importantly, my concentration will center on the modern toxic ideologies perpetuated by the west through their Media, literature and languages and system of educations. These afore-mentioned ideologies emanate from secularism, feminism, liberalism and scientism. I would seek to debunk these dastard ideologies and slap them on the face. Someone said “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.”

The west, with its all the wisdom or lack of the same, resort to exterminate humanity out of this world through its inception of suffocating dogmas and doctrines that has no place in a morally upright society. The west with all the advancement of technology, science and knowledge could not fathom that the world cannot do away with divine guidance. All the afore-mentioned dogmas have a common denominator and that is to completely scrip off religion from the equation. As such, the morality – which was the prime role of religion- will also be slowly tossed out. Practically observing the dynamics of the western world, I foresee the literal death of the west. When they started wages the divine religion- the sole compass directions-, and the human. 

In such vein, youth are tomb in between two contrasting cultural trends; to follow the antithesis of the west or canonize the Islamic values. Western modernism as they claim, is closed in the horizon since its inception. It’s a danger to Islam. To substantiate further, I want to drive you to a mental tour back in history in the 16th century- the beginning of jeopardy. For those who are in good terms with history, this is a period that introduced great social turbulence in Europe.  As the Reformation movement swept Europe, it led to a number of altercations. It also led to the birth of Protestantism – name used collectively refer to religious groups that separated from the Roman Catholic Church, due to differences in doctrine which in turn augmented the social atmosphere. As a result of these social and religious squabbles, Secularism emerged as an emanation of the disagreements. Tensions, havoc and devastations and bloodshed stirred up in lieu to the discontentment of divine religion which was seen as a foundation of ignorance and retrogression. As if humanity can flourish devoid of divine guidance. They resorted their own minds as a reference for moral guidance.

Daniel Haqiqatjou states: “The earlier modernists, elected their own minds to this position of metaphysical and worldly authority. The mind alone, they argued, could guide mankind.”

He goes on and expounds: “The success of mathematical sciences and Isaac newtons’ empirical philosophy seemed to bolster this conclusion. Through this reason and empirical observations, the human mind, it seemed, had infinite ability to reason, calculate, and discover. All the mysteries of the universe and human nature would be solved like an equation. It was simply a matter of time.” 

I think there is a distinct credibility gap, between their preposition of what modernists believed about religion and the stark reality. Because knowledge, as they insinuate was half of the story. As Daniel says what differentiates mortals from god was not only knowledge but power – the ability to make law ones’ will, and thereby, refashion the world accordingly. This need could be met with technology as they claim, which would be continuously developed and advanced. To them, technology flourish in the place of God.

Therefore, religions main adversary is modernity. Conversely, religion is a unified system of sacred norms, values, beliefs and objectives.  As a result of this suffocating dogmas, young people in this epoch, become uncertain, irresolute and at crossroad. They basically know the truth and are living in a conservative society but have the misfortune of being exposed to devilish channels from every corner. This kind of exposure usually emanates from reading junk literature, the social media, and by extension, the western system of education which primarily is grounded with the foundation of these ominous ideologies whose bottom line is degradation of religion and excellent morality.

As a result of this scepticism in the religion and its morality, it brought forth young people who have no moral compass who live in a mental and psychological whirlpool of confusion and stand aghast in front of this trends not knowing which of the two options is suitable; is it that which was being imported and is alien or that which their predecessors and their conservative society have being doing before the importation of those new ideas. I think Somalis have a good phrase for such ilk of people “Dameeri dhaan raacday.”  This felas of young people are so bewildered and perplexed to the core, that they sometimes favor the former at the expense of the latter (their beliefs). Such crop of youth affected by what I literarily call “the demented spirit” are passive in their live and need a strong and captivating environment to lead them to the realm of truth and the right way dictated by the divine religion. Necessarily, that is why I laid a whole chapter titled “the power of a mentor” in this book. 

In the same vein, these precepts of these ideologies plant seeds of skepticism in the minds of the young people purposely to drag them of the excellent morality to directly into the abyss of existential confusion. This led to crop of youth sing to the tune of such waywardness.

Sayid Mujtaba opines, “The West’s moral capital has been removed from the Bank of Faith where it belongs. Divorced from its source in religion, it depreciates both in intrinsic value and in interest returns. Where the prevailing motive is profit, righteousness and goodness are judged by their material profitability. Small wonder that they decline in the West!”  

Undeniably, achieved remarkable milestones in terms of monetary prosperity and technological advancement. The soaring skyscrapers, cutting edge industrial systems, vibrant urban centers, and the presence of luxurious automobiles and even engineering prowess. While they “achieved” all these, they fail to advance the human beings. This is as a result of erosion of morality- fundamental aspect of human beings. While economic growth has lifted many individuals out of poverty, it left with chunks of permanent moral poverty. 

As the pursuit of wealth and individualistic goals takes precedence, traditional moral values which showcase the very essence of humanity has been overlooked unceremoniously. The commodification of relationships, the glorification of material possessions, the prioritization of self-interest over the common good, the proliferation of prostitution, and above all, the advocacy of LBTQ+ have all contributed to a perceived decline in moral principle within the region.

Parallel with his astounding advances industrial and scientific technology, man must equally advance his inner resources, his spiritual powers and his force of soul. And this is where the Western Civilization failed. There can be no true human perfection without equilibrium in life’s inner and outer aspects-both. If they are in imbalance, “civilization” offers no base for hundred percent happiness.    

History contains no nation so impregnated with total corruption in every ream of its life that no single sound section remained. This is with the Western today.  

In sexual conduct, the West has morally stepped outside all moral boundaries. The West has displayed a significant departure from conventional norms in matters of sexual conduct. In the early stages of human existence, there was a shared understanding that maintaining purity and exercising self-restraint in sexual matters held intrinsic moral value, with any sort of deviation or pervasion leading to a decline in moral integrity. However, this understanding seems to have either fade away or deliberately suppressed by Western zealots.

Abdinoor Maalim Derow
Email: [email protected]

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