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Somalia’s longest-serving female politician dies

Bushra Mohamed


The longest-serving woman in Somali politics has died after a brief illness.

Khadijo Mohamed Diriye passed away in Djibouti on Wednesday afternoon. She had been in politics – a male-dominated field – for almost three decades.

At the time of her death, she was serving as the Minister for Women and Human Rights Development.

Deputy Information Minister Abdirahman Yusuf al-Adalah told the BBC that Minister Khadija was admitted to hospital while attending a conference with government officials in nearby Djibouti. She subsequently underwent surgery.

The Somali government says it will issue an official statement but many officials have already posted messages of condolence on their social media platforms.

Information minister Daud Aweis wrote: “I extend my heartfelt condolences to the Somali people and the family of the late Minister of Women and Human Rights, Khadija Mohamed Diriye.

“Her passing in Djibouti is a significant loss. May Allah grant her mercy.”

Source: BBC News

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