Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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ZIQQI: Somali e-Commerce Startup aims to expand into East Africa

ZIQQI e commerce

ZIQQI is Africa’s new online shopping platform. We aim to provide our customers with the ultimate shopping experience powered by the lowest prices, unmatched product variety and world class customer service.

We’ve considered every want and need of our customers and created an amazing catalog of products including but not limited to: Mobile Phones, iPads, Fragrances, Cosmetics and Appliances.

You can now access the world’s best brands at unbeatable prices on www.ziqqi.com. Above all, we deliver to you the convenience and comfort of knowing that we at Ziqqi stand by our core principles of trust and integrity.

All the products on our platform are 100% authentic, No Fakes, No Imitations, No Excuses!

We are constantly working hard behind the scenes to ensure that Ziqqi remains an industry pioneer with the help of cutting-edge technology. Our R&D team is always working on developing innovative features and a fantastic user experience.

We’ve just launched in Hargeisa and look to launch in Mogadishu, and Kigali in the next 3 to 4 months. We at ZIQQI intend to break down barriers, serve the under-served and open Africa to a world full of shopping possibilities.

If you need it, we have it. If you want it, we will deliver it. 

Contact us at ZIQQI.COM

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