Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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A poem by Abdi Ismail

In every transitory phase of human history, the pungent stink of malfeasance arises.
In the extreme fringe of human existence.
In the infinite reaches of the human mind.
In the entire range of the human endeavour.


There’s an infinite void, that casts a deep shadow.
A shadow that obfuscate the most intrinsic human aspirations.
A shadow that beclouds every human agony and anguish.
A shadow that hinders humanity from understanding their vision and their yearning for advancement.
A shadow that obscures or erases the sacred human rights, bestowed upon us by our creator Himself. 

In this age of enlightenment, humanity needs mirrors, not shadows.
Mirrors that reflect capacity of humanity to think freely.
Mirrors that reflect the history of any given nation.
Mirrors that reflect the pain, suffering and aspirations of any people in the vassicitudes of the land.

The blank-eyed sense of menace portrayed by the occupationists, unprecedented and unparalleled in history.
The sanctity of the inviolable places of worship desecrated by the Zionist usurpers.
The sustained and senseless slaughter of Palestinians, the vehement denial of their right to self-determination.
Totally illogical and deserves condemnation. 

The elusive dream coming to fruition, is my supplication.
The international community plays blind, making justice hard to find.
The truces they preside over don’t bind, towards one side they’re inclined.
The freedom fighters labeled “terrorists”, the terrorist state licenced to annihilate, under the pretext of “the right to exist”. 

Oh! What paradox!!!??
Their “justice” dispensed selectively, to humiliate the oppressed and glorify the oppressors!!
No life is more sacred than the other, but such is the “justice” of an ignominious nation.
The wheels of time has span a whole centuary, the extermination cataclysmic in proportion.  

The Palestinians took the licking and steadfastly kept ticking.
The die has been cast, the object of the Zionist desire we now know.
The Al-Aqdsa mosque in their cross-hairs, call it their final straw, towards which they slowly draw. 

The hour of your triumph is nigh, to the kingdom come the Zionists you’ll blow.
The mantra is ALLAHU AKBAR and only to Him do we bow. 


Abdi Ismail
Email: [email protected]

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