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Jubbaland Opposes Spoilers, Not the Constitution – Part II

Dr. Mohamed Abbas

This is part two of my response to Mr. Mohamud M. Uluso’s article posted on Hiiraan Online with the title:“Somalia: Raskamboni Militia Challenges US, UN, Credibility”

When I read Mr. Uluso’s recent articles on Jubbaland in an objective manner, I found it hard to get a meaningful message out of it. He is trying hard to re-write Somalia’s political history using different tools, at the heart of which lies the issue of clan loyalty. But unfortunately, he is fighting a losing battle and his efforts seem to me as same as those of an untrained third world scientist mixing different chemicals in a laboratory and never coming up with the right formula.

Jubaland-Flag3The title of his above-mentioned article seems to be an eye-catching, but the content and downhill slope of its structure is steep and quick. One may argue what is the point when the writer is referring to U.S & U.N. in this context?! I myself read the title a number of times and can’t see the logic behind borrowing these two attractive words.  For his self-conceit and self-promotion, it is possible that the writer is desperate to get attention and wants his article to be more attractive, compelling and more presentable to a wider audience!

Mr. Uluso has begun waging a verbal war against Raskamboni Brigade and Jubbaland Regional State on clan basis. Through his pen, he is campaigning to mislead readers by describing Jubbaland State as a clan entity backed by Kenya. But why is he behaving in this way?

The answer is pure and simple: Mr. Uluso is anti-Jubbaland because Jubbaland has refused repeatedly to accept President Hassan’s policy of containment and his unitary state system, which failed to accommodate Somali people living outside the capital. Mind you, the writer belongs to the President’s clan known to be antagonistic to the creation of the new regional state of Jubbaland.

Without giving any concrete evidence, Mr. Uluso claims that Raskmaboni Brigade and Jubbaland leaders are threat to the federal constitution and the international community alike. This is part of what he wrote:

“The tension caused by the Raskamboni Militia is a serious challenge to the credibility and integrity of the US and the UN Security Council as principal sponsors and international stakeholders in the constitutional making process of Somalia and as protectors of the federal government against foreign and domestic saboteurs.”

When you look at his above statement and compare it with the federal constitution, you will then find out that Mr. Uluso is turning a blind eye on “Article 49” of the Somali constitution which states that two or more regions can merge to form a federal member state. He is against the formation of Jubbaland State of Somalia simply because his clan doesn’t have a say in the decision making there. This doesn’t mean that Mr. Uluso’s clan members were denied to have their political rights; rather, they basically do not have a constituency there. In this article and his previous one: “IGAD’s Clan Institutionalization in Jubbaland Death Knell of Citizenship” , Mr. Uluso often describes Jubbaland State as a pro-Kenyan and pro-Ethiopian clan based entity that came into being overnight.

Jubbaland administration and Raskamboni Brigade are fully aware that the Joint Constitution Unit (JCU) which is under the United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) has prepared a guideline reference which was designed to aid the Somali people to become familiar with the contents of the Provisional Constitution that entered into force on August 2, 2012. This guideline reference underscores that some of the most prosperous and stable states in the world are federations – The United States of America, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia – and there is no lack of national unity or patriotism in these countries. Comparative research has proved that secession is a much more likely threat in over-centralized unitary systems than in federal systems. One example of this is Somaliland, which tried to secede from the Somali Republic when it was unitary and over-centralized. The prevention of secession, and the promotion of national unity, is best guaranteed through the existence of a federal system of government that brings real benefits to all people and that all people want to belong to.

This is reflected in the Provisional Constitution as the regional communities of Somalia will have the freedom to govern their own affairs to a significant degree, and will have the chance to participate in democratic decision-making at the federal level. This is more likely to reduce the desire for secession and independence than to produce it. In order to secure mutual coordination and cooperation between the different governments at the federal level and the Federal Member State level, the Provisional Constitution specifically provides for provisions demanding regular meetings of executive heads or senior governmental officials, mutual information and coordination and close cooperation between the different governments.

Mr. Uluso and His Double Standard Analysis:

In his article, he claims that Jubbaland State is a pro-Ethiopian entity and accuses its leaders for having a close relationship with Ethiopia, but he is not giving any supporting evidence. On contrary, he is turning a blind eye on the strong relationship between Ethiopia and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a militia in Galgadud region, which is the area where Mr. Uluso hails from. This armed militia receives political and military assistance from Ethiopia, but Mr. Uluso is paying no attention to this simply because it contradicts the political interest of his own clan. What a double standard. This is hypocrisy at its best.

How to Solve the Political Deadlock Between Mogadishu & Kismaayo?

Somalia’s fragile and weak government is playing a dirty game in Kismaayo. If they want peace to flourish nationwide, they should stop employing and arming anti-peace elements such as the notorious Somali warlord Barre Hiiraale and his clan militia who are armed to the teeth to destabilize the city of Kismaayo. Barre Hiiraale was asked to participate in the peace process, but unfortunately, this call fell on deaf ears. And as a result, he paid a heavy price. In a serious of fierce clashes from 28 – 29 June 2013, Jubbaland security forces have routed Hiiraale’s militia and are now in the process of pacifying the whole region from Alshabab and this warlord once and for all.

It is clear to the people of Jubbaland that Mr. Uluso’s articles are not calling for peace and power sharing in a fair way. Therefore, the way to solve this political deadlock is not to listen to Mr. Uluso and his misguided interpretation of the federal constitution. I call all parties to end their differences in a peaceful way. The federal government and Jubbaland State should refer to the federal constitution and its guide book which states that if any dispute arises, the concerned groups should know that “there is an arbitration mechanism in place to settle disputes between the federal governent and the federal member state governments, or disputes among federal member governments. This mechanism involves an Inter-State Commission (see Article 111F), and the Constitution Court as the final arbiter instance to decide and resolve such disputes (see Article 109C (1) (d).”

In short, the idea of dismantling Jubbaland State is a fake dream that exists only in Mr. Uluso’s fantasy. His articles against Jubbaland and Raskamboni Brigade seem as if it were the work of many hands.

Dr. Mohamed Abbas
Jubbaland Intellectuals
Email:[email protected]


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