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Ethiopian PM hails digital ID as driver of ‘Digital Ethiopia 2025’ strategy

 Ayang Macdonald

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has praised technologies such as the Fayda digital ID which are driving the digital transformation agenda of the country.

Ahmed made the remarks recently while speaking during a ceremony to make a mid-term evaluation of the “Digital Ethiopia 2025” strategy, accruing to an article on the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute website.

The PM is quoted as noting that with the implementation of the strategy halfway gone, several strides have been recorded in the country’s march towards a digital innovation future.

Ahmed, while speaking in an interactive session, explained the raison d’être of the Strategy, saying it was design to respond to some of the economic difficulties faced by the country, adding that some fruits are already being harvested, Walta Info reports.

“We have made significant strides as a nation since beginning our digital transformation journey. Digital Ethiopia 2025 empowers us to thrive in the digital economy, necessitating support for innovators and the creation of digital enablers. Today’s mid-term review allows us to assess our challenges and celebrate the remarkable milestones we’ve reached in a short span,” Ahmed wrote on his Facebook page after the event.

During the mid-term review, the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute also highlighted the contributions it has made to the Ethiopia Digital 2025 plan, with the Director General, Worku Gachena, mentioning their contributions in the domain of digital infrastructure, research and smart cities initiatives.

Meanwhile, in his remarks during one panel discussion at the mid-term evaluation event, the Minister of Innovation and Technology, Belete Molla, noted that digital government and digital trade efforts which the government has placed a premium on are significantly contributing to the overall outlook of Ethiopia’s digital transformation journey.

The Minister said under the guidance of his ministry, the government has been overseeing the development of digital platforms in order to facilitate the access to public services in various sectors of the economy. Over 587 digital government and digital trade platforms have been launched, the official explained, as reported by Ethiopian Herald.

The Executive Director of the Ethiopia National ID program, Yodahe Zemichael, underlined during the MOSIP Connect 2024 event that the country’s digital ID is a vehicle to drive national and regional inclusion and prosperity.


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