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Transgression (Tacaddi): A Poem by Hussein Halane

By Hussein Halene
Translated by Adam OHirsi

While I am apprehensive about the current affairs of Somalia, and fearful that the never ending chaos of the homeland will render my brain waste, I met with Aw Hirsi, a  good friend who is dear to me. My encounter with Aw Hirsi led me to recite this Poem, which coincided with Mogadishu’s unprecedented blast on October 14, 2017.

Mogadishu’s deadliest blast

O Aw Hirsi, the world predicaments and ensuing transgressions
The catatonic state of Somalis and their inability to wake up 
Its resultant anxiety is indeed rendering me unconscious 

While I am still capable of pointing out to the murderous peril
As prose, versing and the construct of literature
Will not elude you and you know its ways and wordings 
O my dear protege, convey my message and be accountable

The flag we installed in the Sixty and fervor and the revolts
The colonialists didn’t leave their contagious buildings at will
It was the result of collective decision and waging of wars

The freedom for which men were stabbed and thousands were shot
Jettisoning it only begot weakness and whining disasters 
We are not even on the road to sovereignty; the situation is dire

Feud in relatives causes decrease in number and in weakness
The mistrust caused by the wars, the disintegration of the nation 
The discord we inherited and quarreling family lineages
The complaining of clans, their suspicions and allegations
To revamp the nation and sew the fabric back together

The federalism that was to fence it has failed to take off 
Each duo entrusted to govern only constantly squabble
The sophomoric competition between them only wastes time

Abhorred in my eyes are those weak clan-based fiefdoms 
When energy diminishes and people are utterly powerless
The depended on Almighty Lord the trustfully begged
Unscrupulous killers are now deviating us from Him and religion 

The false beads and thieves attacking folks with black flags
The Genie trained Taliban and the urchins that support them
The new and never-seen-before daggers and decapitations 
Indeed they are killing rich and crowned clergy men in dozens

They assassinated the talented people and all the wise men
The learned men were annihilated and the transliterators are but gone
They terrorized the rural villages and everywhere society dwelled 
All the intermittent explosions and the burned down markets  

Only today they wreaked a havoc of new level in Mogadishu
The demolished property and the dead that became uncountable
Men the world over were shocked in disgust by their mercilessness 

Although all humans had sent condolences and sorrow
The Turks in particular have indeed sent tangible assistance 
They quickly deployed doctors in droves, supplies and medicines
The wounded that were dutifully treated and carefully evacuated 
There were no strings attached and they assisted to their fullest

Since Erdogan arrived ”Hamar” the aid was plenty and in convoys
They proved the only brotherly nation whose aid is dependable  
The history will bear witness on how they prioritized us 

Instead of being a sidekick to Arabs why should I not side with Turkey 
In the place of heading to Tehran, why don’t I covet Ankara
Are we possessed why isn’t our intellect leading us today

The prosperity in the Gulf and the abundance of their wealth 
I dare anyone who can persuasively state what help we got from them
Even in giving alms to the elderly and children in distress
They would not even oblige and conform to the religious orders
To them the deportation of refugees is like divine repentance 

Some of them train terrorists and support the drivers of mayhem
And others do offer larceners a helping hand in an indirect way 
There in nothing more in what they do that exceeds these descriptions
As identifying with the merciless is among the attributes of lowlifes
Why don’t I pick a reliable side from among the numerous nations.

Hussein Halane

Mr. Halane, is a poet and a former Minister of Finance in Somalia. He was also East Africa Director for Save the Children. Halane also worked many years with the UNHCR. 

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