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Life in Qolaji IDP Camp

By Khadar Sheik Yusuf

We live in a strange world where one is going miles to digest food while another is walking miles to get food! From something to nothing, from somewhere to nowhere, from their homes to homeless and finally from hope to hopeless. This is Qoloji IDPs camp.

Qolaji IDP camp

Life in Qolaji is a tragedy. I would like to share with the readers events I had came across while I was in Qoloji for a couple of months. I had observed their real life which is heart touching or creating a broken-hearted image to our mind if we are conscious enough.

Even though I cannot express in words, let me try to share what I have seen during my stay in Qoloji. These people had their way of life as farmers and livestock herders owing farmland and uncountable number of livestock most commonly; camels and cattle. One of the most wonderful thing is that most of these people are non-Somali speakers even though they are Somalis ethnically and the reason they were displaced from their homes is that they are Somali as origin.

Although Government and NGOs are trying their best to cover the basic needs of these people, yet there is huge humanitarian needs in Qoloji. During my field work, I had heard some of the most painful events in my life; people dying of starvation and hunger for not eating such long days. We had everything yet we are complaining for small things which we do not have or possess.

Some of these people are suffering due to insufficiency of aid,  most of the children are naked lacking clothes to wear. On the other hand, since they are settled in mountainous areas, the climate is so hot for they cannot stay in their shelter which is made of plastic.

There is great neglectfulness of not only Culamas ( Islamic Scholars) and educated ones, but our riches ( wealthier) and politicians as well, who are very busy only minding their businesses.

I am here to make you remember that there are families who throw huge amount of food as left overs to outside of almost everyone’s house. Imagine contributing that amount of food to these people who had not the opportunity to eat even once a day!

Subhaannallaah, it is a test for us. God helps those who help themselves. I had came across many families who are very desperate and worried about their life. I am here to raise an idea; We can do something great to these people. let us start to give that demoralized people a hope. My contribution as well as yours can make a big difference.

let us start changing someone’s life in a better life. Allah Subhaana wata’ala said “have mercy on what is above the earth, you will get the mercy of what is above the heaven”.

History teaches us that Somalis in the past were so generous than Somalis of today, that is to say they will sleep hunger by giving the smallest thing they had to strangers (guests).

Finally, I would like to conclude, “with a little we can do more, with our contribution we can safe lives, with our donation  we can help many in need”.
Alla Mahad leh

Khadar Sheik Yusuf
Email:[email protected]

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