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Last kicks of the dying Empire

By Fardouse Musse

Ever since he came to power in April 2018, Abiy has left no stone unturned to resurrect the imperial days of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa-based government and private media outlets have missed no minute to smear multi-ethnic federalism.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed

The prosperity party has been tasked with spearheading the campaign against multi-ethnic federalism. In an organized manner, inter-communal fighting and killings of innocent citizens have engulfed the country. They used every stage and opportunity to blame the multi-ethnic federal system for the bloodshed. The death from one ethnic group, i.e., the Amhara, has been inflated, just to portray that multi-ethnic federalism is adopted for the inhalation of a particular ethnic group.

They always find reasons to slander federalist individuals without realizing that people are closely watching them. The incumbent government committed one blunder after another vis-à-vis killings of Hachalu Hundesa and General Seare Mekonnen, arresting Jawar Mohammed, Bekale Gerba and his colleagues, confiscating properties and seizing bank accounts belonging to Tigray citizens, and massacring hundreds of Sidamo people in broad daylight.

Abiy has buried peace and resorted to waging war on Tigray in order to kneel the only prosperity party free opposition entity that is also pro-federalists led region. Despite the not so kosher history of TPLF, Abiy has spared no effort to blame the start of the war on the the Tigray government. And that attempt has failed, because it was exposed that Abiy and his administration were preparing the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF to preemptively enter Tigray from Eritrea, Amhara, and Afar regions. As a pretext, Abiy promoted this unnecessary war as “law enforcement” that will end in three weeks. But his efforts failed, as Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) decimated and advanced to about 250 miles from Addis Ababa.

PM Abiy took upon himself the ridiculous task of making the people believe that the USA is supporting the Tigray region with media coverage and satellites in rooting out his soldiers. He made irrational and unacceptable remarks against western countries to just hide his diplomatic failure and his defeat by the Tigray forces.

With all his rhetoric, however, the international community had to pressure the Tigray defense forces not to enter Addis Ababa. Diplomatically and tactically, Tigray forces were compelled to retreat to their region to give chance to a political dialogue brokered by the international community.

This time around, though it looks like he came to his senses realizing that the majority of the people were against his resumption of the imperial ruling. He thwarted his soldiers from advancing into Tigray and released political prisoners. He invited the state department representative to the Horn of Africa. The representative arranged a phone call with President Biden. The president shared the concerns he has towards current airstrikes targeting innocent people in Tigray.

Many believe Abiy is making commendable steps towards a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution of settling the differences. As the anti-multi-ethnic federalism rhetoric has boomeranged on the government and its supporters, smooth political dialogue is not expected.  Abiy’s public remarks are also contradictory. The international community and peace-loving Ethiopians should make sure that hate-mongering political parties with fascist ideology won’t affect the shaping of the dialogue because they are nothing but the last kicks of the dying empire.   

Fardouse Musse
Email: [email protected]

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