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Double Dipping: How the FGS is undermining Dusamareeb Effort

By Faisal A. Roble

While President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and PM Hassan Khayre covering their true feelings with a devious mask, telling us in public of accepting the collective understanding reached by the FMS (to hold election on time and to seek an alternative system of election short of the impossible one-person-one-vote – OPOV), they openly paraded their big mouths to undermine the communique reached a weak ago.

DPM Mahdi (left) and Minister Bayle

Since yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Khadar Guuleed and Minster Bayle are ordered by President Farmajo to undermine the Dusamareeb agreement by going to the media and call for OPOV. Why would the President do so is a classical Farmajian double dibbing and never respecting his words of yesterday?

More surprising or ashamedly is this: why those from the North or Somaliland, who can not even visit their ailing family members, call for OPOV? Where do they think their constituents would cast their votes? In Villa Somalia? Or, at the parliament’s building?

In a speech addressing the parliament, the Deputy Prime Minister swore that he will not accept anything less than OPOV. In so doing, he called on the house to chant and say, “no, we will not accept.”

However, they refused to join him in the Guulwade-style chant and literally gave him a poker face. I am certain that the PM, being less familiar with the days of the socialist era of Somalia, where the esteemed revolutionary leaders were known to evoke the evocation of “Bulsho!” followed by “Bille!” meaning “masses,” followed by “honorable!” he is a man walking in the dark. In other words, he is not guided by the aversion Somalis have to some chants evoked by leaders that remind us a throwback to a bad past.

Alas, Bayle is older and spent more years outside Somalia. One would have expected more from him. For example, you would think that he would be challenged by sophisticated people when he calls for OPOV and he cannot go to Borama. What is his plan to partake in the election? How does he expect to galvanize his constituents who are in Awdel region?

The real issue is whether the regional leaders would play along with the double dipping Villa Somalia has embarked on following the conclusion of Dusamareeb’s phase I talks. In particular, the host of the conference, President Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qorqor), has invested a lot of energy and time. Political capital, and should watch out for this is a legacy, if succeeds, that can put him in the national political landscape.

Also, President Saciid Deni and Ahmed Islam have also put their political future on the line and should not settle for less than what has been covered in the Dusamareeb communique of July 12, 2020, that is a National election to take place on timeline as well as an election model that is possible within the next 4-6 months.

They need to watch out for not falling into the trap of president Gas’ moment of “Even Secretary General Ban Ki-mon will not change my decision.” Politics is full of slippery slops and we have one right here in front of us.

Faisal A. Roble
Email: [email protected]
Faisal Roble, a writer, political analyst and a former Editor-in-Chief of WardheerNews, is mainly interested in the Horn of Africa region. He is currently the Principal Planner for the City of Los Angeles in charge of Master Planning, Economic Development and Project Implementation Division

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