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Arbitrary Displacement and Robbery Committed by Somaliland Authorities in Las Anod

 By Liban Ahmad translated by Adan J. Elmogeh 

The political decision to arbitrarily displace and rob more than six hundred innocent Somali people in Lasanod city, the capital of Sool region, is a criminal act whose perpetrators should  be brought to justice.

It is unfortunate that politicians from Sool region such as Abdirisaq Khaliif, the Speaker of Somaliland Parliament, who retains his Somali citizenship, and Yasin Haji Mohamud Hiir, a Member of Parliament in Hargeisa, who owes his past educational career to Somalia and still is a Somali citizen, welcome the Somaliland administration’s decision to arbitrarily displace Somalis who lived in Lasanod.  

Arbitrary Displacement and Robbery Committed by Somaliland Authorities in Las Anod is a Crime

Does this mean that  the speaker and the parliamentarian agree with the so-called police commander who said that “people from South Somalia are foreigners, just like Ethiopians, and will kick them out of Lasanod arbitrarily; we are not Somalis, we don’t care; we are Somalilanders.”
Both politicians are in charge of militias paid by Somaliland government, that committed the criminal act of displacing innocent people out of their homes and businesses. 

It is illegal and inhumane to arbitrarily displace Somali citizens from any part of their land and treat them as stateless,  just as it is impossible for someone to wake up in the morning and claim to have acquired a new citizenship or to claim where he lives is a part of a new country.

People who were arbitrarily displaced by Somaliland militias are Somalis who contributed to the reconstruction of the country, whose parents laid down their lives to protect Somalia against threats, people who welcomed northerners to what is now South West state when Dabadheer drought affected the North in early seventies.

Abdirisaq Khalif is one of the beneficiaries of the 1970s resettlement programmes.  Have we forgotten all those bonds; where political recklessness has overwhelmed us. The North is now synonymous with robbery and political desperation.  It has become abundantly clear that the nomadic mentality reigns supreme in the North, despite northerners flocking to towns.  

Recently, Abdiaziz Gu’adde, a writer and translator based in Hargeisa, said that nomads have overthrown urbanites. One does not become urbanite by wearing [urban] clothes. It begins with the understanding that s person knows the difference between what belongs him/her and what belongs to others.

The Somaliland administration proved itself to be capable of taking bad [political], decisions. It is incumbent upon Puntland State government to register Somali citizen arbitrarily displaced from Lasanod.  

Somaliland President Muse Bihi, who went on record for saying that Somalis from the South had invested in Hargeisa, took a decision to authorise robbery and arbitrarily displacement of Somali citizens in Lasanod.     

Liibaan Axmad
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