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Manifesto II: Somalia 20/21 Election

Public Statement: Somalia Election 20/21

To: The UN Representative of Somalia, James Swan

Cc: International Community and All Diplomatic Friends

Somalia is going through a tumultuous stage of transition. After a long period of stalemate between the Federal Government and Federal Member States of Somalia (FMS), it has been agreed that the model for the 2020 federal electoral system will be an indirect election, after the indisputable failure of meeting the basic prerequisites for a one person one vote electoral model.

We, the members of Manifesto II Council, recognize unambiguously that there are many obstacles to holding a free, fair, and democratic election based on the agreed indirect model. All institutions of the current government are crippled by widespread practice of corruption, bribery, nepotism, and cronyism. It’s worth noting that foreign governments and international organizations supporting Somalia have repeatedly shared with the Somali people the mismanagements, derelictions, and failures facing Somalia. Furthermore, Somalia has become a battle ground for foreign countries that are backing different Somali politicians with huge resources as their proxies. The goal of each foreign country is to secure Somali politicians who will serve its interests. That has made Somalia and its people on sale.

Such external interference is hampering the stabilization, peace, and development efforts in Somalia plagued by natural disasters, terrorism, and mismanagement. The international community has invested heavily in Somalia by providing financial resources, technical assistance, and political support to establish a democratic government that serves the interests of the country and its people. The financial assistance of the International Community comes from the taxes paid by their citizens who include many low income people. The hope of the international community’s taxpayers is to help the Somali people in their need to have a capable government that promotes peace and development throughout the country. On the same token, the Somali people have the expectation and the right to know that the money received and spent on their behalf is invested on building the much-needed federal states government institutions.

The members of Manifesto II Council warn the Somali people and the International Community against the interferences of foreign governments, especially the Gulf Arab states that are bribing or buying the Somali politicians for their interests at the expense of Somali interests. The Council also warns the Federal Government and all political candidates who are spending substantial amount of money to become MPs to stop such illegal corrupt activities. The actions of foreign interference and corruption for parliamentary seats by the federal government and Somali candidates undermine free, fair, and transparent elections. Buying or rigging elections will lead to insecurity, political turmoil, and the infiltration of terrorist groups in the Federal Parliament.

In this perilous period of transition, there is a critical need for independent Somali input in the election process. The Manifesto II Council proposes:

  • To establish an independent committee to be sent to the regional states where the elections will take place to observe the parliamentary selection and the overall election process. These committee should be made up of Somali and foreign individuals
  • Anyone who attempts to undermine the transparency and fairness of the election should be held accountable
  • To empower the local, federal and the oversight committee to suspend and bar any individual running for office if proven to commit fraud and corruption

The Council is also ready to provide practical advice to the international community on indirect electoral frauds unique for Somalia to ensure transparent and fair elections.


Spokesperson of Manifesto II Forum:
Name: Ahmed Warsame Abtidon

Contact Number: +44 7950 519801
Email: [email protected]

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