Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Looming crisis of confrontation in Bosaso, Puntland

Boosaaso (WDN) Puntland is being rocked by a serious confrontation between the President of Puntland and the leaders of the special security forces fighting terrorism in the region , known by their acronym PSF who are based in Boosaaso.

Boosaaso, Puntland, Somalia ( phot credit BBC)

This confrontation has been in the making following action taken by the President of Puntland, Mr Said Deni, when he sacked the head of PSF, Mr.Mohamoud Osman, who consider the president´s action  illegal and hence refused to accept it. This has now developed into a wider stand-off between the president on one side and the security forces on the other, which could erupt into open warfare.

While Boosaaso for now remains quiet but tense, yet all around it, the signs of open conflict between the opposing sides is gathering momentum. Those of PSF have dug in themselves into defensive position around their base, while the regular Puntland forces are manoeuvring into strategic hostile positions for possible action when they get the order from the President.

In the meantime, over 100 soldiers of Puntland, belonging to the Darawish contingent, have joined forces with the PSF in their challenge to President Deni.

What makes the situation all the more disturbing is the failure of the dialogue led by the traditional leaders to sponsor and avert open conflict between the warring parties that would endanger the peace of the town and the stability of the region.

Boosaaso, which is both the port and commercial capital of Puntland, is now gripped by intense fear and showing all the signs of a looming flare-up of hostilities that could get out of hand. Unless averted as soon as possible, this could get out hand, leading to displacements and humanitarian crisis among a population that were already bearing the brunt of the socio-economic and political mismanagement under President Deni.

Independent observers see President Deni, who often rides roughshod over the law of Puntland and used to getting his way, as playing this time with fire of immense adverse consequences for the people of Boosaaso if not Puntland.


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