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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Lands In Kenya For Pivotal State Visit

By Ezra Nyakundi

President William Ruto with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for a state visit to Kenya.

Abiy was welcomed by President Willaim Ruto setting the tone for what is anticipated to be a significant diplomatic engagement between the two East African nations.

Following the arrival, Abiy accompanied President Ruto to open the Samasource Kenya EPZ Limited, Nairobi Delivery Centre.

Sama specializes in annotating data for artificial intelligence algorithms, providing computer vision solutions crucial for powering AI and machine learning models.

The company also provides BPO services such as data validation, curation, image and video annotation, content moderation, and customer service support.


“In the company of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia @Abiy Ahmed Ali and his spouse Zinash Tayachew, officially opened the Samasource Kenya EPZ Limited, Nairobi Delivery Centre. Prime Minister Abiy is on a State Visit to Kenya,” Ruto said in a statement via X

“Our intentional investment in ICT infrastructure will ensure that we turn Kenya into a skills-based economy.”

Abiy will be formally welcomed at State House in Nairobi on Wednesday where he would receive all the honors expected of a foreign leader on a state visit. This includes taking a 21-gun salute from the Kenyan military and inspecting a guard of honor.

The Ethiopian leader is also expected to sign bilateral agreements with President Ruto during the visit.

Ruto is also expected to lobby for Raila Odinga’s African Union Commission chairmanship position

Source: KDRTV.

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