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Three main challenges standing in the way of Somalia state re-birth

By Ahmed Abdullahi Isse

“Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one.”
― Johann wolfgang von Goethe

Somalia is like burnt house where everything is consumed by the fire and re-building it could take considerable time. The situation is exacerbated by poor economy, abuse of power, recurrent droughts, insecurity, and the influences of foreign entities such as neighboring countries.

The external influences are categorized into three main sectors, and became a leviathan standing in the way of building a strong, prosperous and united Somalia. They turn out to be a snakes wrapped around the neck of the nation, until to dismantle them, the country could not move forward.

The Halane Mafia,

This is a local term Somalis used to describe coalition of diplomats, vis-à-vis consultants, international NGOs that operates within Halane compound in Mugadishu. These groups have come into Somali territory in the name of African union mission back in 2007, to support Somalia government’s efforts in rebuilding peace after years of lawlessness & insecurity, and bringing lasting solution to the Somalia’s problem.

On other hand the group earns and spends millions of dollars annually with less tangible progress and development made towards their mandated mission: bringing peace and stability in the country.  Over the intervening period, they have turned their mission into meddling Somalia’s domestic politics, instead of fighting against al-Shabaab, and to liberate areas they control. AMISOM has violated its rules of engagement as a Peacekeeping mission and not mingling with Somalia politics.

 In these regards, scholars and chief analyst in Somalia political situation catalogued AMISOM lost its diplomatic norms, as well as the trust and cooperation with Somali people, thus perceived their presence in Somalia as an obstacle to the re-birth of Somalia state,

In fact, they hijacked managing Somalia affairs by the Somalis, and been controlling it from their Halane camp for the last 15 years. With thousands foreign workers, the industry is the biggest employer (majority of them know nothing or little about Somalia context). By the same token, most of them earn astronomical wages, Hence, comprehend the re-birth of Somalia state as a threat to their livelihood, and any entity, for the matter, attempts to challenge their power is discredited and dehumanized immediacy.

The heartless Somali-business community: 

Somalia have NOT had any proper operating government for the last three decades; this has become an advantage for many heartless Somali-business men and women who import expired goods cheaply, and sell with comparatively higher price in the local market. They don’t feel any contrition for the already affected people by drought and long-standing civil strife, making Somalia into a dumping ground of all sorts of hazardous products. In particular, expired food and medicines that often causes  death and suffering to the mostly vulnerable people. as they do value human lives less. For them, any form of accountability or regulation is unwelcomed and want Somalia to remain a lawless place.

Endemic corruption

Corruption is the third factor crippled Somalia’s state-building efforts. As well as undermining democracy, human rights, and rule of law, year in year out Somalia loses millions of dollars on corruption related dealings that could’ve been used to support a life changing program for thousands of vulnerable people across the country. The governance system in place, being federal government or federal members states tuned for misuse of power, turned into a level it became culture-like norm in which stealing money is not seen as being against ‘Somali culture’ and even Islamic religion.’ Stealing public funds, however, in Somalia is often seen as a clever move, and to hold government docket is synonym to getting into riches in a very short space of time.

Ahmed Abdullahi Isse
Email [email protected]

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