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The March in Mogadishu

By WardheerNews Editorial

On February 19, 2021, the Capital city of Mogadishu will see the first peaceful demonstration in 52 years. WardheerNews welcomes the spirit of this historic march and would lend its voice.

The call for the demonstration is consistent with Article 20 of the Somali constitution of Freedom of Assembly, Demonstration, Protest, and Petition. This article calls for the right that “Every person has the right to organize and participate in meetings and to demonstrate and protest peacefully, without requiring prior authorization.

Union of Presidential Aspirants for Somalia’s 2021 election

Since February 8, 2021, the term of the president has expired and the country is ruled in an arbitrary manner not consistent with the Draft constitution. President Farmajo not only failed to satisfy the oath of the office which compels to hold election prior to his term but intestinally failed to carry out consultation with the opposition groups for the possible establishment of an agreed interim administration until a new parliament and a president is elected.

This plus boundless abuse of power and the fear for a breakdown of the fragile system of governance let the opposition parties and leaders no other alternative but to call the attention of the nation to the mismanagement of the affairs of the country.

Wardheernews welcomes this demonstration in as far as it is a teaching moment for the Somali people about the failure of the regime and also to show its people that peaceful demonstrations are part of the constitutional exercises guaranteed to the people.

Cognizant of the Covid-19 surge in Mogadishu in the last week, we urge the organizers of the march to avail masks and hand sanitizers to the extent possible to marchers. We also expect the Farmajo administration to ensure that the streets are peaceful and not try to sabotage the spirit of the march.

God Bless Somalia
WardheerNews Editorial
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