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Somaliland’s Atrocities against the Sanaag Region

Maakhir United Council (MUC)

The President of the one clan secessionist enclave  Somaliland Muse Behi, has once again set his clan militia on the war path in the Sanaag region in Northeastern Somalia. His well-armed but undisciplined militia are rampaging throughout the region, destabilizing communities, causing death and destruction, and displacing residents in increasing numbers. Muse Behi’s  militia, under the command of warlord Tani are hell-bent on vengeance against main clan in the region, namely the unionist Warsangeli and the Dhulbahante for their categorical rejection of Somaliland’s attempts to graft them into their one-clan enclave.  Hence, Hargeisa’s repeated, vicious attacks that are causing dangerous instability in the region.

Unfortunately, the Somali Federal Government in Mogadishu is sleeping at the wheel. They are paying no discernible attention – much less taking appropriate actions – concerning the lop-sided civil war that is brewing in the Sanaag region (and other parts of the North) at the instigation of Muse Behi and his militia.

Here is what is at stake. Muse Behi and his clan militia in Hargeisa have been, for many years committing wanton crimes against humanity in Sanaag with impunity. They frequently unleash their well-armed militia to attack civilians killing men women and children indiscriminately. They do not hesitate to wreak havoc on communities that otherwise prefer to live in peaceful social setting.

The latest towns that Somaliland targeted for invasions include, Yube, Damala Xagare and Ceerigaabo. As of this writing the town of Ceelafweyn is on Somaliland’s crosshairs. In each of these locations, Somaliland militia attacked the towns and their environs in depraved attempts at forcing the residents to succumb to the dictates of the Somaliland clan dictatorship. But the aggressors always discover – though they seem never to learn from their blunders: That these communities are resolved not to surrender to the belligerent Somaliland clan dictatorship in Hargeisa.

For the Warsangeli and other communities in Sanaag that are looking down the barrel of Somaliland’s guns, the situation is quite dire. They are facing certain humanitarian crisis unless Somaliland militia aggression is stopped in its tracks. For so long as Somaliland’s clan militia is well-armed and well-funded (by the IC), the regime in Hargeisa will continue with their attacks on the Warsangeli and other unionist communities at will. This is in part due to the fact that the Somaliland militia is accountable to no one outside their echo chamber in the Hargeisa enclave.

Enablers and Unwitting Partners

The substantial financial and technical support that the international community provides to regime in Hargeisa is major contributing factor in the problem. The principal funding sources for this on-going tragedy and Somaliland’s continuing non-stop aggression against her peaceful neighbors come from the EU, INGOs and UN agencies all of whom are generous donors to Somaliland’s coffers that bankroll the uneven war against unionist communities in northern Somalia. Meanwhile, no outside support of any kind reaches the same unionist Maakhir United Council (MUC) communities that the clan enclave targets for aggression on a regular basis. This is clearly unfair. And so the IC needs to review and correct this bias, if its distinguished members and affiliated organizations care to practice what they preach!

The most egregious violators in aiding and abetting Somaliland aggression against our community are the Arab states in the Persian Gulf, namely the UAE (United Arab Emirates). They are supporting the Hargeisa regime to the hilt knowing full well that their actions are causing great to our community and others victimized by Somaliland aggression -all for wicked, ibleesi, geopolitical gamesmanship ends. The terrorist Shabab group and its affiliates are partners in Somaliland’s insidious crimes of naked oppression and the resulting instability.

For the record the Warsangeli and the Dhulbahante communities are politically aligned with Puntland. The Warsangeli conference in Baran on June, 2019 makes that crystal clear. In that conference the community reiterated its alliance with the Puntland State of Somalia.

Actions Required

Since the Somali Federal Government is a no-show in dealing with the escalating Somaliland instigated tragic civil war in the North, the onus falls on the civilized members of the international community.

Here are a set of commonsensical actions that need to be undertaken to get the region backto peaceful coexistence:

1. The IC should send a fact-finding mission to Ceerigaabo, Yube, Damala Xagarre and points east in the Sanaag region (so as to not rely solely on Somaliland‘s deceitful propaganda).

2. Stop funding Somaliland’s war campaign on Sanaag (and other Northern communities).

3. Inform the UAE to stop enabling Somaliland’s aggression against peaceful communities.

4. Inform Somaliland and her patrons to stop collaborating with Shabab’s terror activities

5. Stop Somaliland from interfering with the affairs of the peace-loving of North-eastern Somalia.

Taking the foregoing steps will go a long way towards averting humanitarian crisis in the Sanaag region of Somalia and will help restore peaceful co-existence to the residents of that pivotal region.

Thank you for your consideration of this plea and taking the steps necessary to help restore peace and justice in Somalia’s north.

Maakhir United Council (MUC)
Awad Abdirahman Hersi, Chairman
+252618192258 or +46735745184
Email:[email protected]

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