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Resolution of the Grand Meeting of Geri Kombe in Nairobi

In its inclusive grand meeting on December 30, 2021 at the Sir Ali Muslim Sports Club,  in Nairobi Kenya, organized by GERI KOMBE  Youth Council in Kenya, that brought together over 1,000 people, discussed a range of issues including;

Geri Grand Meeting, Dec 30, 2021, Nairobi, Kenya

The unfolding political events leading up to the forthcoming Kenya general elections in 2022 and mobilization of the Geri Kombe Community towards active participation in the electoral process, in Kenya, as well as  the affairs of Geri communities in Somalia and Ethiopia.

The Covid pandemic and the drought that caused immeasurable devastation on the community and its pastoral livelihood. Ways and means to tap into the economic opportunities and national development with a view to achieving benefits for the Geri Kombe community living in kenya.

In pursuance of these broad objectives the following areas were given particular emphasis and discussion: 

1. Unity 
2. Political mobilization and participation in leadership roles:  elective or nominative.
3. Enhancement of educational and training opportunities for the youth.
4. The formation of the Geri Kombe National Council of Elders and Geri Kombe Youth Council. 

To execute this broad mission it was resolved by the Plenary through a show of hands to initiate and implement the achievement of the following key objectives:

Geri Grand Meeting, Dec 30, 2021, Nairobi, Kenya

1.  Recognizing that community mobilization is an important tool to convey messages and the real needs of the community at large, and after observing  that Geri communities are less mobilized and,  therefore, often play less role in the political process than what it deserves, we decided to  institutionalize the Geri  KombeYouth Council, and use it as the main vehicle to mobilize the wider Geri community in order to enhance both short and long term political participation to have a meaningful impact on the democratic process.

2. By understanding that Kenya is one of the most democratic and stable governments in the continent, it must be resolved that education is a gateway to economic prosperity and the establishment of a middle class which in turn helps advance good governance and civic participation. We are therefore determined that the Geri Kombe Youth Council will prioritize to help school children succeed while also  mentoring for higher rate of college graduates representing our community. As it takes a village to raise a child, we are resolved that it takes our entire community to ensure a higher success and a robust graduation rate from high school and post high school education.

3. In recognition of the fact the Kenyan political culture of one-man one-vote provides opportunities for community representation, we the Geri Kombe Youth Council are resolved to work towards enhancing the communities’ participation in the political process to effect  public policy towards economic, social, environmental justice pertaining to the Wajir County where Geri community is settled.

We therefore call the elected officials, elders, and the business community to work with the Geri Kombe Youth Council  and Geri Kombe Council of Elders to lay the foundation for a more rigorous community mobilization and reach out to other  organizations in the County with similar objectives. Our mission will be structured to marshal the community’s resources toward the delivery of our objectives.

Geri Kombe Youth Council 

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