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A Prominent Somali Cleric Arrested in Kenya

Wardheernews ( WDN) -Last night, the Kenyan police raided the home of the radical Somali cleric Sheikh Hassan Hussein Adam “Abu Salman” and arrested him and his wife.

Sheikh Hassan
Sheikh Hassan Hussein Adam

Sheikh Hassan is on the U.N sanctions list for providing material support to Al-Shabaab and recruiting new members for the group. A U.N Security Council report issued in 2011 accused the 35-year old cleric of being involved in “acts that threaten peace, security or stability of Somalia.” Sheikh Hassan is widely celebrated in Somalia’s jihadi websites.

Last year, Sheikh Hassan issued a fatwa declaring that those who created conflict among Somalis’ mujahidin should be killed. The Al-Shabaab leaders used his fatwa in June of 2013 when it killed two of the group’ founders—Ibrahim Al-Afghani and Moalim Burhan—in Baraawe. Another Al-Shabaab leader, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, escaped and was later arrested by the Somali government.

The arrest of Sheikh Hassan coincides with yesterday’s public killing of Shaekh Abubakar Sharif Makaburi, another Kenyan cleric known for his support of Al-Shabaab. Makaburi was also on the U.N sanctions list.


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