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How did we get here

By WardheerNews

On the 23th of November, 2014, WardheerNews celebrated the 10th anniversary of its official founding which corresponds to the 23th of November, 2004. WardheerNews, the most scholarly and journalistic online magazine in the Horn of Africa, wishes to thank the many contributors including essayists, researchers, academics, poets, poetasters, poetitos, and poetaccios, regular visitors and ardent readers; books, music, and film reviewers, and the host of freelance writers who have committed their time and efforts in ensuring the magazine remained on track for a complete decade without any lapse. It would have been impossible to continue running the online magazine without your literary and academic support. Though it would be unjustified to mention the names of a few individual contributors and heap praise on them given the multitude of committed adherents, the Editorial Board of WDN decided to send out this short message as general appreciation for your continuous support.

WDN_LogoWe live in an information age where the demand for news is ever increasing by the day. Without you WDN would never have been born. Its you who delivered this inspiring magazine that has now become an international sensation. You prudently acted as the gynecologist that ensured its birth and its separation from the umbilical cord. You persistently stood by its side, as it swayed tenderly from side to side in its cradle. Its you who taught it to crawl; you held it tightly as it stumbled ; you taught it to walk, pace, and finally run a long marathon that continues to this day.

Some of you have been continuously celebrating every anniversary with us either by lighting fireworks or by cracking the keyword and delivering profound literary works to the readers who always have unquenchable thirst for new information. WDN is now fully functional having attained adulthood. We have been receving messages too numourous to count, from our precious readers to wish WDN continuios succes.

Thank you, for showering WDN with parises and birthday wishes, we thnak you for taking precious time for remembrance. We invite you to come along as we enter our eleveth year with some of the best  literary work, opinion, diversity of isues and the best analysis for 2015.

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