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Ethiopia and Somaliland Deal: A Declaration of War against Somalia Unity and Territorial Integrity!

By Hassan Zaylai

In the midst of historical challenges and regional complexities, Somalia stands at a pivotal juncture where the significance of territorial integrity and national unity cannot be overstated. The collapse of the central government in 1991 led to a prolonged period of instability, creating opportunities for separatist movements and extremist groups to take hold.

PM Abiy and Muse Bihi at the event of signing the MoA for Ethiopia’s Red Sea port deal in Addis Ababa

Nonetheless, Somalis should never ever apologize for standing up for Somalia unity, its sovereignty and territorial integrity! Anyone who works to dismember Somalia unity should be seen, and treated as such, as the enemy of Somalia.

Had the Somali people had the providential blessings of one and united Somali peninsula (of contiguous land and of about 20 million population max), we would still be endangered by the demographic Sunami on the horizon of about a billion Ethiopia and half of a billion Kenya by the end of this century.

To have a Somali go to Addis Ababa and sanction a Trojan horse, in the constitution of an Ethiopian Navy inside Somalia, is akin to medieval traitors who opened the doors of fortified castles from the inside to the enemy at the gates.

The very future existence of the Somali people in the Horn of Africa is sold out to an old enemy of the Somalis (and for what?), for erecting a fleeting, illusionary pride of one Somali clan politicians in Hargeisa (whether the larger clan is with it or not, we shall find out).

This Navy, I assume, will be parked in Zaylai right next to Djibouti! Do you see how threating to Djibouti that is, also?

The Somali people must swiftly answer this threat with concrete actions. Somalia Federal Government should stop treating the rebellious entity in Hargeisa with kid gloves!

You must deal with the Ethiopian violation of Somalia sovereignty (on one hand) and also (on the other hand) meticulously unravel this illegitimate duality in Hargeisa internally.

It is a good first step that Mogadishu recalled its ambassador in Addis Ababa. The next immediate step is a campaign against Ethiopian actions in the AU and other international bodies.

More importantly, deal with Hargeisa firmly internally:

  1. Recognize SSC-Khatumo as a federal member state and immediately dispatch Somali National Army (Xooga Dalka Soomaaliyeed) contingent to protect it.
  2. Declare Somaliland administration as illegal, under the federal constitution, and issue arrest warrants to its heads for treason.
  3. Organize Awdal clans, with the help of Djibouti, to join the route of SSC Khatumo State!.

You will be surprised how this kiosk in Hargeisa is a make-believe house of cards, ready to crash with the slightest intentional draft! For the union, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, act now and decisively.

Hassan Zaylai 
Email: [email protected]

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