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Deni’s Crossroads: Building Puntland’s Future or Perpetuating Its Challenges

Dayib Sheikh Ahmed (faracadde)

As Puntland sails towards its elections, President Deni finds himself caught in a political squall. Supporters tout his infrastructure boom and deft diplomacy with Mogadishu, painting him as Puntland’s “golden boy.” Yet, beneath this shiny image swirl anxieties about democracy, regional autonomy, and unresolved grievances within diverse communities. To secure not just Puntland’s future, but its democratic soul, Deni must face these headwinds head-on.

President Said Abdullahi Deni, Puntland

Deni’s legacy is undeniably pragmatic. His infrastructure blitz – roads, ports, airports – laid the groundwork for economic growth. His diplomatic finesse kept Puntland afloat in Somali politics, securing cooperation with Mogadishu on crucial issues like resource sharing. These achievements make him a captain who’s weathered storms and delivered results. But Puntland’s political waters are rarely calm. Whispers of democratic backsliding cast a shadow on Deni’s governance. The 2023 elections, marred by allegations of voter suppression, tarnished Puntland’s democratic image. Restrictions on press freedom and dissent add to these concerns, raising questions about Deni’s commitment to the very principles that underpin Puntland’s aspirations for statehood. Embracing genuine democratic reforms, ensuring free and fair elections, and fostering a space for open dissent are crucial for Deni to regain Puntland’s democratic luster. Beyond the democratic storm, deeper tremors shake Puntland.

Communities like the SSC and Khaatumo yearn for greater autonomy within Somalia. While Deni advocates federalism, his nuanced stance on their statehood aspirations leaves some feeling adrift. To avoid internal fractures and navigate the legal labyrinth of federalism, Deni must engage in genuine dialogue with these communities, acknowledging their aspirations and seeking solutions that respect their voices. Only then can Puntland find the unity and cohesion needed for a stable and prosperous future.

 Ultimately, Puntland’s future hinges not on hailing Deni as the “unbeatable choice,” but on embracing a comprehensive approach. Refortifying democratic institutions, addressing regional autonomy aspirations through dialogue and legal channels, and ensuring inclusivity for all communities are the true cornerstones of Puntland’s journey towards stability and prosperity. Deni stands at a crossroads: he can be the captain who repairs the rigging and navigates these uncharted waters, or the one who allows Puntland’s ship of state to be buffeted by the winds of discontent and democratic regression. The choice lies not with him, but with the parliament of Puntland, who must decide whether to extend his mandate or chart a new course for their beloved region. Another hand

Can Mogadishu Money Buy Loyalty?

As Puntland’s 2024 presidential election heats up, four contenders face a firestorm of allegations. Omar Huruse, Adan Sheikhdoon, and Hassan Shire stand accused of being “Mogadishu puppets,” swayed by the influence of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s deep pockets. Whispers paint them not as leaders, but as marionettes dancing to the tune of central government largesse. These accusations cast a heavy shadow over the election, prompting critical questions: are these candidates beholden to Mogadishu? Where does Puntland’s future lie – in self-determination or subservience?

Huruse, a former foreign minister and seasoned politician with extensive Mogadishu ties, faces scrutiny for his past roles within federal administrations. Critics argue his loyalties lie outside Puntland, pointing to his previous positions as evidence.  
Sheikhdoon, a prominent businessman, similarly draws suspicion. His thriving interests, allegedly bolstered by Mogadishu’s favor, paint him as a “businessman-politician” prioritizing personal gain over Puntland’s autonomy.
Shire, a former Puntland cabinet minister, isn’t spared either. His career straddling both Puntland and Mogadishu fuels speculation about his allegiances, with critics highlighting his past criticisms of Puntland’s leadership as proof of divided loyalty.
Ahmed I. Awad, another contender, faces similar accusations due to suspected financial backing from Mogadishu circles, raising concerns about potential influence peddling and hidden agendas.

But amidst the storm of allegations, it’s crucial to remember that Puntlanders deserve a fair and informed choice. While proximity to Mogadishu raises valid concerns, judging solely on these accusations is a dangerous game. Each candidate deserves scrutiny on their policies, vision for Puntland, and commitment to its well-being. Are they champions of Puntland’s autonomy, seeking mutually beneficial cooperation with Mogadishu? Or are they mere pawns in a larger power play?

The onus lies on Puntland’s voters and members of parliament to dissect these claims, demand genuine dialogue on the candidates’ priorities, and ultimately decide who will steer their beloved region in the coming years. This election offers a critical opportunity to reaffirm Puntland’s voice, its values, and its future. Will they choose leaders who stand tall for Puntland’s autonomy, forge respectful partnerships, and champion its growth? Or will they fall prey to accusations and allow external forces to influence their destiny? The choice, ultimately, is Puntland’s.


In this pivotal election, Puntland’s future rests the new parliamentarian’s hands. Every MP, carries the weight of autonomy, growth, and leadership dedicated them. Will they choose familiar promises or fresh perspectives? Scrutinize, question, and demand dialogue. Then, cast vote for leaders who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Puntland, united in shaping its destiny.

Choose wisely, Puntland. Your voices will steer your beloved region towards a brighter future.

Dayib Sheikh Ahmed (faracadde)
Email: [email protected]

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