Saturday, May 18, 2024
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‘Gaza is burning, where are Muslim rulers?’

‘What is happening in Gaza is a Nazi Holocaust war, suspected of ethnic cleansing,’ says leader of International Union of Muslim Scholars Merve Berker ANKARA. “What is happening in Gaza is a Nazi Holocaust war, suspected of ethnic cleansing,” the … Continued

Fatwa in the Age of AI

BY: MOHAMED MAHMOUD HABIB AI and Religion: Fatwa and the Challenges of the Third Millennium The past decade has witnessed astonishing developments in the field of artificial intelligence and its widespread applications in various aspects of life, including the religious domain. … Continued

The Advent of Humanity’s Sunshine (PBUH)

BY: MANSOOR ALAM Prophet Ismail (PBUH) had 12 sons. His second son Qaydaar (قیدار) settled in Hijaz and became the custodian of Kaaba built by Ibrahim (PBUH) and Ismail (PBUH). Prophet Ismail’s descendants, over time, became a large community. They expanded … Continued

Fighting for Allah vs. Something Else 

BY: SPAHIC OMER During the battle of Uhud there was a person whose name was Qazman. He participated in the combat and was found among the wounded. He fought heroically, killing seven or eight idolaters. “He was weakened by the wounds … Continued

Is the Shahada a free ticket to paradise?

BY: MAJD ARBIL In a Hadith, Mu’adh bin Jabal relates that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ told him, “If anyone testifies sincerely that there is no god except Allah, and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, truly from his heart, Allah will safeguard … Continued

France to ban wearing Islamic abayas in schools: minister

Paris (AFP) – French authorities are to ban the wearing in school of abaya dresses worn by some Muslim women, the education minister said Sunday, arguing the garment violated France’s strict secular laws in education. “It will no longer be possible … Continued

What are the Important Questions in Our Life?

 BY: MUHAMMAD MUMTAZ ALI Are there any important questions in our life that have not been raised yet? We have taken our life for granted. We do not really know who we are, rational beings or animal beings, transgenders or homosexuals … Continued