Thursday, April 18, 2024
Wardheer News

Somalia bans fishing trawlers from its waters

Somalia has banned fishing trawlers from fetching fish in its territorial seas, part of a new effort to stop overexploitation of the fishes in the Indian Ocean. The Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy in a circular dated April 6 … Continued

Kenya’s Miraa Exports to Somalia Suffer Due to High Levies

Gerald Andae Kenya’s miraa exports are taking a severe blow from steep levies, compelling traders in Somalia to halt purchases of the stimulant from Kenya due to its dwindling competitiveness in the market. This development is adversely impacting local farmers … Continued

Major Airlines Cancel Mogadishu Flights Amid Threat Alert

Travelers flying into Mogadishu, Somalia are facing disruptions after three major airlines cancelled their flights due to heightened security concerns. So far, Turkish Airlines, flydubai and Qatar Airways have suspended flight services to Mogadishu as a precautionary measure. US Security … Continued

Turkey’s push for influence in Africa is working

Africa. At first, this pivot was motivated by the need to secure more diplomatic backing in international settings. Around 2005, however, Turkey-Africa relations began to deepen. This growth was spurred by global geopolitics, but also by the determined approach of … Continued