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Can the World Eradicate Coronavirus?

By Mohamed Abdi

“Coronavirus doesn’t end anywhere until it ends everywhere,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The prime minister means the whole world has to be vaccinated, but is that doable or how long does such a process take? 

A lethal virus that originated in China has engulfed the world and ravaged it terribly. “The source of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is widely believed to be a wet market in Wuhan where both dead and live animals were sold.”

Muslims digging grave to bury their dead
(photo by Abhishek Chinnappa)

The COVID 19 pandemic has devastated the entire world in a way never seen before. The virus has killed people in droves, maimed many others, weakened education standards, and shut down the world economy. 

According to World Health Organization data, 3,459, 996 individuals died of the virus thus far, and 166,860, 081  have been confirmed to be positive. This is alarming data. The disease has, of course, hit some countries harder than others. India is the most affected country at present.  ones. 

Hindu lighting fire to cremate their dead
(photo by Abhishek Chinnappa

“The majority of India’s population are Hindu, who favor cremation as a way of disposing of the body. But the Muslim population, which is close to 15%, favors burying its dead.” Like India, the pandemic hit other countries hard, like the US and those in the Americas. 

The coronavirus pandemic has weakened education quality. Schools, colleges, and universities have shifted to an online system of instruction to avoid catching the virus or spreading it. And you see that online learning has become a difficult task for students and their families.

You can understand this matter if your children are learning online. We’ve to work with them so that they stay focused on their academics and assigned schedules. This isn’t an easy undertaking at all. It can be even tougher when your work schedule conflicts with that of your children’s online time of learning. You’ve to compromise one or the other. 

Online lessons are the same as you when in a classroom. That face-to-face engagement between you and your teachers is imperative. I think you agree with this fact. When in a classroom, your teacher can observe your facial expression and tend to your individual need, but not when online. Online learning is different because your teacher can’t assess your situation to assist you unless you voice your concern or ask questions via email or chatbox. 

Online learning is financially draining, too. Students need individual resources, such as computers and strong smartphones. Yes, these types of equipment are needed to pace with online education. You mightn’t provide your child with a computer or a smartphone of their own due to financial status. 

As a result, children won’t have the opportunity to learn online, making them lag academically. If one is lucky, though, and live in a country with abundant resources, neighborhood school can supply children with computers to use while studying online, but to return them when done. 

The COVID 19 pandemic has also shuttered the world economy. All countries—rich, poor, big, or small—have been hit hard. Businesses and factories have completely or partially closed down, companies laid-off employees, and international trades dwindled to an abysmal condition. “In 2020, the world economy shrank by 4.3 percent, over two and half times more than during the global financial crisis of 2009.”

Can the world eradicate the pandemic? It depends on how it fights it. The only way with which to fight the virus is to keep social distancing and masking intact and vaccinate as many people as possible. Vaccinating the entire world is the ultimate solution, a fact the prime minister alluded to. “Coronavirus doesn’t end anywhere until it ends everywhere.” 

With effective vaccination doses in place, many countries began inoculating their residents against the pandemic. However, many other countries are unable to protect their populations against the virus, if not assisted. 

 If coronavirus is to be eradicated, the world ought to help each other. This means the rich countries should assist the poor ones in vaccinating their populace. Then, the pandemic will be gone forever. 

Mohamed Abdi
Email: [email protected]
Mohamed is a Somali-Canadian Writer, you can read more articles by the writer at:

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