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The Congress of Somali Cause (CSC) Demands Accountability from Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for Attempt to Rewrite Somali History


The Congress of Somali Cause (CSC) is calling on Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to be held accountable for his attempt to rewrite Somali history and promote a version of Karamardha that is rejected by the Somali community. The CSC demands accountability beyond “he said; she said” and concrete actions to correct the damage caused by the Prime Minister’s insensitive and appalling actions. 

Karamardha stands for nothing less than a history of genocide committed by the fascist Derg regime. During the launch of his book, “Generation Medemer,” on March 18, 2023, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed asked Mustafe Omer to raise money from selling his books to Somalis and use the funds to erect a memorial monument for the Derg soldiers Somalis hold responsible for their genocide. This action is insensitive and appalling to the CSC and to Somalis at large. 

The CSC appreciates the efforts of Addis Ababa Mayor, Adanech Abebe, to reach out to the Prime Minister while she was chairing a meeting with over 700 Prosperity Party Somali leaders in Jigjiga. According to her communication with the Prime Minister, it was President Mustafe Omer who requested the Prime Minister to dedicate the funds for a monument to be erected at Karamardha site for the genocidal fascist soldiers. While the Honorable Mayor did what was right, it is unacceptable for the Prime Minister of a country to plead ignorance of the history of one of the largest nations in the federation. What’s even more concerning is the use of divisive tactics that suggest the country’s leader is not taking responsibility for his actions and blindly following the guidance of his subordinate, without regard for appropriateness and consequences. The genocide of Somalis and the displacement of over 1.2 million civilians by the fascist Derg regime cannot be ignored or swept under the rug. 

The Prime Minister’s actions surely damaged his relationship with the Somali community and could lead to increased tensions and mistrust. As a leader, he is expected to take responsibility for his actions and take concrete measures to correct it beyond “she said, he said.” 

The CSC demands full apology whose dividends would help repair the damage thus far caused. We also urge the Prosperity Party to take appropriate measures against the regional president who allegedly misled the Prime Minister and has no regard for his own history, who even after such a fiasco still blaming his mistakes on other people. 

The CSC demands the following from the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: 

• Respect the rights of nations per the Ethiopian constitution which promotes diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect among all groups. 

• Accept accountability on behalf of the Ethiopian state and allow Somalis to express, design, and erect a fighting statue to catalog their collective pain caused by past regimes that ruled Ethiopia the pains inflicted on the Somali people and ensure that such actions do not happen again in the future. 

• Expand the objectives and scope of transitional justice to get an inclusive, comprehensive, and sustainable reconciliation. 

The CSC will continue to advocate for the rights of Somalis and promote inclusivity and respect for all nations. We call on the Prime Minister to take immediate action to rectify the damage caused by his actions and work towards reconciliation and unity. 

Congress for Somali Cause

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