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Somalia: How Farmajo Fragmented his Fragile State

WardheerNews Editorial 

The sweltering March heat of Mogadishu, Somalia’s torn city, is often unbearable to the average citizen.  Even so, one cannot notice the virtually stagnated and politically destabilized fragile state, and nothing short of helter-skelter characterizes this city of over 2 million residents.

Farmajo (left), Fahad (center) and Kheyre

In the north, the war between Somaliland and Puntland is imminent; to the south, Kenya is abrasively building a wall, forcefully separating Somali families on both sides of the border. Adding insult to an injury, two of its ports (Bossaso and Berbera) are outside the grip of the nation. And, what is Villa Somalia busy with?  Of course not these pressing issues, but its busy with toppling the most recognizable post-civil leader of the country since 2012, and that is the chairman of the Lower House.

On March, 14, 2018, the duo of Prime Minister Hassan Khayre, who has so far exhibited extreme infantile impatience, and Presidential Chief of Staff, Fahad Yasin, a political manipulator whose skills match those of Steve Bannon, introduced a wicked motion to oust Mr. Jawari.

To get there, Fahad Yasin proposes that the duo use the deputy speaker of the parliament, Mr. Muuday, who is a cousin of the Chief of staff, Mr. Fahad.

Many wonder how Somalia got to a point where the family of Fahad Yasin could dominate the politics of this clan-based society, especially when Fahad Yasin incidentally comes from a small clan.  Is this a sign of a democratic Somalia evolving and giving those hitherto oppressed a chance to be at the top? Far from that.

Many speculate that Fahad Yasin wields undue influence over President Farmajo because of the fact that he has the pipeline through which Qatar’s money is delivered to Villa Somalia. In the current political calculus, money sways loyalty more than clan affinity.

The due (Prime Minister Khayre and Fahad Yasin – both hold non-elected offices) – are believed to run the nation’s affairs more than the reclusive president, whom Somalis lately nicknamed “Mooge,” that is to say “inattentive, or “heedless.” The President for the good part of one year has been non-existent and ineffective at a time when the country demands vision and strong leadership. Somalis often give one a fitting nickname after careful and collective assessment of the attributes of the person in question. So is “Mooge” a fitting description of the “inattentive” Farmajo.

During his tenure, Al Shabab has gotten brazen and increased its operations in Mogadishu.  Besides the Zobbe business center with the largest causality ever (500 were killed), several key sites have been repeatedly bombed. The latest two incidents were within a short walking distance from the tattered presidential palace, at a time when the president is taking shelter in an undisclosed military camp.

The motion against Mr. Jawari with the blessing of Fahad is engineered by the Prime Minister Khayre himself who is determined to subvert a procedural motion prepared by opposition groups to look into and evaluate his dismal performance in the last one year. Following Jawar’s rebuke of their request to place the motion on the backburner, the Prime Minister and the Chief of staff hatched the plan to entirely remove Jawari himself.

All that the lower house wanted was to question Prime Minister Khayre on several key issues including but not limited to the handing over to Ethiopia a Somali citizen and a former member of the now defunct Somali national army; others questions are why the Prime Minister gave the ill-fated marching orders to raid and harass leaders of opposition groups and the emerging dissent voices.

As if that was not enough, the PM is responsible for destabilizing two south central states (Galmudug and Hirshabel) for the sole reason that the leaders were not the puppets of Villa Somalia. These are the questions the lower house wants and would continue to demand answers for.

Instead of implementing security stabilization program, pushing legislation that is overdue, enhancing ministries and their capacities, economic recovery and debt relief with international financial institutions, the executive branch is wasting precious time on toppling the chairman of the fledgling parliament and replace him with someone that gets the marching orders form Villa Somalia.

If this devious plan succeeds, it would certainly bring the legislative body under the spell of the executive branch.  With the absence of a judiciary, this move literally kills the constitution which was supposed to govern the post-civil war fragile Somalia.

Wrdheernews joins the majority of Somalis to denounce the unnecessary attack on the chairman and also highlights the egoistic and opportunistic politics by the “inattentive” president and the “infantile” prime minister both of whom have fallen for the manipulation of the erstwhile Islamist Fahad Yasin.

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