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Somalia Has Just Opened Its 1st MRO Facility In Over 3 Decades

On Wednesday, January 31, Somalia, through its Ministry of Transport and Aviation, officially inaugurated a new Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility at Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ) in the capital of Mogadishu.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) facility

This is the first MRO facility to be opened in Somalia in over 33 years, marking a significant milestone for the East African nation.

The completion of a three year project

The Blue Hangar, as it is affectionately known, is the first functional aircraft hangar in Somalia since the country’s state collapse in the early 1990s. The facility will provide maintenance checks and inspections for aircraft flying in and out of Somalia, contributing to improving safety and developing the country’s air transport sector.

As reported by SONNA, the absence of a proper maintenance facility over the past three decades meant that airlines serving Somalia had to undergo maintenance checks in neighboring countries like Kenya and Uganda.

The project was first announced by the country’s former Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Duran Farah, in May 2021, when he laid the foundation stone at the airport. This was one of the major steps taken by the ministry to increase the capacity and functionality of the airport following an increase in air traffic. At the time, Somalia had resumed aircraft registration with the country’s 6O code after over 30 years.

The Significance of The Blue Hangar

The construction of The Blue Hangar was facilitated by Aerosom Company, a construction firm based in Somalia. Speaking at the inauguration event, the Director General of the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, Ahmed M Hassan, highlighted that the new MRO facility will significantly boost the country’s ambitions of meeting international civil aviation standards.

This collaborative project showcases Somalia’s commitment to enhancing its aviation infrastructure and readiness to gain more significance in the global aviation sector. Somalia’s current Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Fardowsa Osman Egal, went on to say,

“Today, we succeeded in officially opening the aircraft maintenance hangar at the Aden Adde International Airport, and it is the first time in 33 years that the country has an aircraft maintenance facility.”

“It is another step that promotes the development efforts of the airport in the capital of our country, Aden Adde, and it is one that ensures that after today, the planes operating in our country will not go outside the country for repairs.”

She further encouraged Somali companies to invest in the air transport sector, noting its benefits for businesses, the government, and the Somali people. In addition to servicing aircraft locally, The Blue Hangar will help create jobs for aircraft technicians, engineers, and other aviation professionals in Somalia.

The re-development of Somali aviation

Somalia is an excellent example of how conflict and political instability can affect air transport in a country. After the outbreak of the civil war in the early 90s, many Somali facilities and entities ceased to exist, including the national carrier Somali Airlines. Furthermore, some countries warned about operating in Somali airspace and prohibited aircraft from flying below 26,000 ft.

Source: simpleflying

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