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An open Letter to President Hassan Sh. Mohamud: Urgent Call for National Unity and Focus on Key Security Threats

By Mohamed Ali

Dear President Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud,

I hope this letter finds you well amidst the challenges facing our beloved nation. As a concerned citizen deeply invested in the welfare and security of Somalia, I feel compelled to address the pressing issues that threatens our sovereignty and stability.

President Hassan Mohamud

It is evident that Somalia is facing two significant national security threats that demand immediate attention: the encroachment by Ethiopia on Somali territory and strategic maritime areas and the persistent menace of Al-Shabaab. These threats jeopardize not only Somalia’s territorial integrity but also the safety and well-being of its citizens.     

Somalia’s journey towards stability and progress demands leadership that is accountable, transparent, committed to rule of law and the principles of democracy and inclusivity.    

The inhibition of state formation and the consequent stagnation of institutional development have hindered the protection of Somalia’s borders and the eradication of terrorist insurgency on Somali soil. The current provisional constitution was approved by a National Constitutional Convention consisting of 855 delegates representing various clans, and it remains the supreme law of the country. However, it should not be seen as an impediment but rather as a framework for establishing an effective federalized political order in Somalia.

Referring to the ongoing disputes in Villa Hargeisa as the finalization of the constitution is a great misnomer. In reality, it resembles the suspension of Somalia’s first constitution in 1969, albeit through different means.

Given these existential challenges, it is imperative for you as president to suspend any discussions on constitutional matters until appropriate conditions are established. Here are some suggestions:

It’s wise Mr President to limit yourself to your constitutional functions and refrain from usurping responsibilities assigned to the Council of Government and Parliament by the current constitution.

Allow the Parliament to fulfil its functions instead of being bogged down by your initiatives aimed at installing personal rule, contrary to the Somali people’s desire for the rule of law

Appoint a new, capable, and credible Prime Minister independently, allowing to form competent and professional cabinet while adhering to protocols of consultation with the president.

Conduct necessary consultations to convene a National Constitutional Convention summit, which will unite efforts towards nationwide collective action. Only through genuine dialogue, reconciliation, and respect for the rule of law can Somalia chart a course towards a brighter future for all its citizens.

Mr. President, the future of Somalia hangs in the balance, and the decisions you make today will shape the destiny of generations to come. Let us set aside differences and work together towards a safer, stronger, and more prosperous Somalia.


Mohamed Ali  
Social and development Researcher 
Mogadishu, Somalia   
Email: [email protected]

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