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By Abdi I. Dalal

This poem has been written not because the Poet has ill feelings for Fahad Yasin who is a journalist by profession and who is the current Chief-of-Staff of Villa Somalia (Presidential Palace), but to exhort him to stick to the norms of outstanding Leadership and Public Relations par excellence. Putatively, one thing that gave Fahad Yasin sleepless nights was captured in the following editorial: WARDHEERNEWS PERSON OF THE YEAR 2017: FAHAD YASIN.

Fahad Yasin

In retaliation and to add insult to injury, Fahad indecorously gave an authoritative instruction to Abdinur Mohamed, his own Director of Communications, who jotted a poorly-written piece titled: Wardheernews Defamation Case against Fahad Yasin that appeared on January 16, 2018 Hiiraanonline.

I have been an observant of Somali Media for many years, and for sure WardheerNews is at the forefront to inform, enlighten, and enrich the Somalia public with “problems of concern, encompassing political, social and cultural fields.” To ensure truth be told, WardheerNews, through its advanced investigative journalism coupled with scholarly mature research, was never at anytime shy away from exposing any form of malfeasance and misconduct by government officials regardless of the powers they wield.

Therefore, in this poem, I wish to hypothesize the enormity of an individual with tainted historical background holding an office of higher stature through racketeering and nugatory journalism.

Journalism is a duty beyond your comprehension. 
Its secrets unfathomable and mysterious in expression.
You never learnt the art dutifully and with caution.
You’re the fool who rushes where the devil won’t dare.
Your feet are planted in sand, fortified not like pillars of a tower. 

You shift between exorbitant claims and narrow charter. 
In praises is you revel, but not worthy of applause.
In the garden of letters, your beggarliness is absolute.
In the pages of infamy, your reputation precedes.
Upon the iron tablets of fame, you have no clue what it takes.

Upon the coat-tails of your patrons you hang, to thumb the scales.
Darkness has engulfed the noble discipline. 
Darkness there and nothing more. 
Deep in to the darkness, peering, long we stand there wondering, fearing and doubting. 
The darkness and silence is unbroken and the darkness gives back no token.

Abdi I. Dalal
Email:[email protected]

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