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Collapse of Conciliation: Hassan Sheikh and Sharif Sh. Ahmed Remain Divided

Nairobi (WDN) A pivotal meeting and an attempt aimed a consultation and conciliation between President Hassan Sh. Mohamud and former President Sharif Sh. Ahmed was convened in Nairobi. The meeting was orchestrated by influential businessmen within the two leader’s community-clan framework. The gathering sought to bridge the divide between the two leaders, offering a platform for direct dialogue and reconciliation. However, despite the earnest efforts, the meeting collapsed and the outcome fell short of expectations.

President Hassan Sh. Mohamud with former President Sharif Sh. Ahmed

In a press release following the meeting, Sharif Sh. Ahmed lamented the inability to find common ground on the pressing issues at hand that included Constitutional matters, political dynamics, and the ongoing conflict between the Federal Government and Puntland State remained contentious points of discussion, with no tangible agreements or resolutions reached.

Of particular concern was President Hassan’s push for constitutional amendments, notably the controversial change granting the President unilateral authority to dismiss the Prime Minister without parliamentary oversight. This move, vehemently opposed by Puntland and some of Somalia’s politcians, underscored growing tensions within the country’s political landscape.

The administration of President Hassan Sheikh, once championing dialogue and inclusivity under the banner of “Somalia at peace with the world and itself,” now finds itself navigating a precarious path.

The divergence from promised principles towards unilateral actions risks destabilizing the fragile peace achieved in the nation, threatening to plunge Somalia back into the throes of chaos and conflict.


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