Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Can We Talk?: Somalis in Norway Debate

By Ubah Abdullah Aden On November 24, 2018, Haldoor Raising Voices, a nonprofit organization in Oslo, Norway, that works on issues of integration, gender matters and human rights, organized its annual conference for the Somali community. Three pertinent issues included … Continued

Tearful Trio Condemned For Crying Out Loud

By Hassan M. Abukar Isn’t crying a normal expression of human emotion? For many Somalis, crying publicly is taboo, and for men, it is especially frowned upon. But recently, three separate incidents in Somalia raised eyebrows and lent credibility to … Continued

HARGEISA: A Personal Story

By Mohamed Heebaan After travelling nine consecutive days that we started from Malayko, with hundreds and hundreds of sheep and goats, we came to the border between Somalia and Ethiopia around 3 PM of the ninth day. Mohamed Sheikh Abdi … Continued


By Abdirahman A Issa The Somali youth face a daunting challenge in getting employment in their country. According to a UN report, 70% of the population in Somalia is under 30 years old and the youth unemployment rate is approximately … Continued

My dad inspired me to be a social scientist

By Muhammad Suldaan Said On one brilliantly sunny afternoon in 1992 under a magnificent acacia tortilis1 tree surrounded by wild shrubs, hook-thorn acacias2 and the glory of the forest, came the dreadful news that a close relative of mine has … Continued

A Hate Crime in Mogadishu: An Introspective Time

By Hassan M. Abukar The recent murder and burning in Mogadishu of Ahmed Mukhtar Salah “Ahmed Dowlo”, a family man and father of 12 children, was a human tragedy that has elicited widespread outrage and condemnation from many Somalis. Besides … Continued

Somalia: Bad Urbanization in the Era of Climate Change

By Faisal Roble The Pains of losing National Heritage The destruction of Mogadishu is a quaint, if not a whimsical, narrative of the demise of thousands of architecturally significant resources, some dating back to the founding era of the City … Continued

Somalia: Al-Shabab shuts down football pitches in Mogadishu

By Hamza Mohamed It’s late on Wednesday afternoon, and the Shiirkole football pitch in the Somali capital should be teeming with life. Usually, there are uniformed players and crowds wearing colourful jerseys supporting their favourite teams. That’s how it’s been … Continued

My travel to Scandinavia, Baltic and Nordic countries

By Abdisalam Garjeex I was fortunate to take a long planned 10 days trip to Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Denmark. As I bid farewell to these countries, I took a moment to reflect and share this historic events … Continued

Analyzing Puntland’s ‘National Curriculum’

By Abdirasaq H. Nuurre, PhD Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze ‘Puntland National Curriculum Framework’ (PNCF) in order to understand its meanings.  The paper investigates the following areas of the document: curriculum documentation and origins, curriculum proper … Continued