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Bullying the Muslims

By Abubakar N. Kasim

Just think for a second: a person has a mountain of gold in his back yard and he goes out to beg everyday, senseless as this statement is , it is a true picture of Muslims today.

It is ironic to see bullies picking on Muslims in France and elsewhere while the community has been blessed with  immense amount of resources, experiences and wealth which could create a huge influence and impact in the society they live in.   

If Muslim doctors in the US stay home, as sheikh Hamza Yusuf once said in his speech, there would be crisis of immense magnitude in the entire country.

You would not be surprised if the French President who is picking on Muslims to have a personal doctor he trust the most who happens to be a Muslim. It would not be surprising either if a high ranking official whom President Trump trust the most in his security detail to be a follower of the Islamic  faith.

Then what went wrong?

I remember when I was working at the airport the entire airport almost came to a standstill, when porters went to attend The Friday prayer.

Seeing bullies targeting Muslims is like seeing a heavy built boxer running for his life after been chased by a toddler. This doesn’t make any sense. It is like seeing a lion running from a chicken.

This is what is happening with the Muslim community.

Are they blind of the immense power they have? Or is it a lack of leadership? We need to think and think deeply about our situation. Things are not adding up. Communities that are few in numbers are in much better shape than Muslims. It would be suicidal for bullies to go after the Jewish groups and Sikh communities.

Muslims are rich with people of talent, experiences and knowledge. But unfortunately they are not mobilizing their resources to improve the quality of their lives. Muslims have the potential to make a huge impact in the society they live in. Not only to improve their lives but also to offer solutions to many problems facing humanity.Believing men and women ought to put their acts together and prioritize their actions and create a vision for tomorrow and days to come.

Muslims are the most disoriented communities that you can find at modern times. They only react when a bully picks on them. They create noise here and there, some call for boycotting the products of the villains and then the issue is soon forgotten until another bully start harassing them.

They should start prioritizing their actions; avoid dwelling on minor issues of differences  such as when to start and end the month of Ramadhan and whether or not to celebrate the birthday of the prophet peace be upon him.

They should be mature enough to start accepting and respecting the difference in opinion. Secondly they should start learning from their fellow neighbors such as the Jewish and Sikh community on how they succeeded to scare and dispel the human wolves And thirdly and most importantly they should start learning about their own leader whom they try to defend.

Bullies like Macron would have never had an influence in the general public had the Muslims been behaving like their own prophet whom was called in the Glorious Quran as mercy to mankind.

Abubakar N. Kasim
Email: [email protected]
Toronto, Ontario

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