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Gamal's Baseless Refutal

Paul Martin's memo was actually nothing but the naked truth and it is quite regretable that it seemed otherwise to some unscupulous people, such as Gamal Hassan. But one thing these people should know is that Somaliland 's case for recognition is strong and its achievement is briliant; the whole world credited Somaliland for this.

In a refutal to Martin's memo, Hassan ingnores the truth and states that "there is an obvious and revealing discrepancy between the fact that the article was published on the Election Day", Gamal's appears to have confused Martins refernece to earlier elections in Somaliland with the present parliamnetray elections. In fact, Martin was right to compare, contrast and comment on the present parliamentary elections of Somaliland on the basis of the ones held earlier.

Somaliland laid a good foundation for a functioning democracy and the parliamentary election was a proof of that. Furthermore we can not ignore the good democracy tic practices prevalent in Somaliland for one unpleasant incident that happened isolated just once.

It is obvious and does not need explanation that Somaliland 's recognition will bring the horn of Africa stability, teach rest of Africa democracy and can serve as a model of success for the entire third world countries. Already many states are recognising this and one of them is South Africa . Senior South African government officials told the media that his government will present Somaliland agenda to the AU's next meeting.

The issue of some districts in sanag and sool depends on the people who reside there. No one else can change their will. Somaliland believes that "sooner or later free and fair elections will happen there too and if they choose not to be part of Somaliland that will be their decision". Somaliland 's peaceful approach to these districts pre-empts any thought of civil war whatsoever and will prove you and your likes, which vomit war cries, wrong.

Mohamed Ainab

Cape Town

South Africa


Dear Editor:

Your editorial on "Somali Regional State: " The Change that Produced No Change"
raises a genuine concern. However, I was disappointed with your hopeful expectations of the September election. Why would anyone with the knowledge of Mr. Zenawi's hypocrisy believe that there was going to be a fair and a free election in this Somali region. It pains me to see the Somalis hurt and humiliated in their own souls. Though all of Africa suffered under the colonial assault, Somalis have had their share of sadness. While the nations in Africa where imposed on each other, Somalia's case was unfortunately unprecedented. Somalia was divided and faced with the earliest and the oldest Berlin walls.

Regardless, it baffles the mind, how long the innocent population can hold out while the deadly virus of clanist that is replicating in the heart of every Somali can be eradicated. We, (Somalis) are to blame much of the assault that is being inflicted on us and Cabdullaahi Suldaan Timacadde was right as he said a half a century ago;

Doc hadday u wada jeedsatooy, dhowrto danaheeda
Ooy duul walaala ah tahooy, duunka ka heshiiso
Dadka kama yaraateene ways dabar jaraysaaye
Dubba madaxa wayskala dhacdaa, daa'in abidkiise
Goortay is wada dooxatay baa, daad u soo geliye

Therefore, the injustice suffered by our Somalis remains the biggest hurdle of my entire living years. I hope with all my heart, that Allah (swt) will bring peace, justice and equality to our native soil in this holly month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem,
Sadia Ali Aden

Ramadhan Kariim

Dear All:

Ramadhan Kariim wa kulli sanah wa antom bi khayr.  May the Almighty put all of us and the Somali people as a whole on the straight and narrow for this is the month of repentance and fasting and prayer.  We ask Him in this holy month to forgive our countless sins, to emancipate us from the hell-fire he set apart for those who knowingly deviate from His path, and to favour us, for He is Most Generous Most Gracious, with admittance into the best of heavens.  In this holiest of the months in which prayers are answered let us ask Him to deliver the Somali people from the self-destruction in which they are engaged and to inculcate, nay cultivate, in their hearts the love of their country and for each other. Let us pray to that and say 'Aamiin'.
Ismail Ali

Yr. Editorial on Somali Passports

Dear All: 
I read yr. editorial on the use, misuse and abuse of the Somali passports.  There is nothing to add or subtract; you have said it all and I could not agree more.  There is one unfortunate fellow who is being held in connexion with the failed bombings in London.  It has been alleged, on flimsy evidence, that he is Somali but that has not been cleared beyond doubt and there still remains a big question mark on his identity.  But, if the worse comes to be the worst and he turns out to be a Somali we should be able to hold the British to their old saying that " One swallow does not make a summer".
I fully agree that all this will likely come to an end should the nascent governnemt manage to stand on its own feet.  And stand it will, in sha Allah.

ISMAIL Ali Geeldoon

Doorashada deegaanka Soomaalida, Itoobiya.

Marka hore waxa aan si gaar ah ugu mahadcelinaya bahda warsdheerNews.com oo si aqoon, xirfad iyo waayo aragnimo ku jirto u soo bandhiga wixii war ah ee khuseeya Soomaalida guud ahaan. waxa aanse si gaar ah uga hela wararka iyo faalooyinka ku saabsan deegaanka Soomaalida ee Itoobiya.

Inkastoo xooga isbadel ahi uu ka muuqdey doorashadii ka dhacdey Itoobiya dhawaan,hadana waxaa dhab ah in degganka soomalida waxba ayna isbadali doonin dhawr sababood awgood:

1. Calaamka reer galbeedka gaar ahaan Maraykanka iyo ingiriiska oo aan ahmiyad la mid ah tii ay siyeen Itoobiya inteeda kale aan siin doonin gobalka Soomaalida.

2. Deeganka Soomaalida oo ku jira xukun milatari ah oo askartu waixii ay doonto ka samayso.

3. Qabyaalad iyo colaado beeleed oo si siyaasi ah ay u huriyeen askarta dawlada iyo maamulka kililka ee maqaar saarka ah.

Waxa umadda Soomaaliyeed ee Itoobiya la gudboon in ay si wada jir ah u soo dhacsadaan xuquuqdooda dastuuriga ah.

Abdi Habashi, London, UK.

Clan Politics: a Solitary Journey to an Empty and Solitude Pride


For a number of years, I have been a regular observer and keen reader of the plethora of Somali news website, which have sprung up in the wake of the civil war and the consequent mass migrations to Western Europe and the America . Most of these sites are unashamedly and blatantly based on clan or regional affiliations. You only need to read the title of some of these websites to work out their particular loyalty and affiliations. But there is nothing wrong with this. After all, those of us who live and work in western democracies know only too well that most newspapers and publications in have their agendas, which they seek to advance and propagate. However, what is disturbing is the attempts on the part of some Somali website to hijack the collective identify of our people by appealing to the memory our national poets and liberation heroes in order to silence any debate on the future of the country.

To advocate and support the aspiration of the people of Somaliland is not tantamount to a betrayal of the memory of our forefathers. It is an attempt in salvaging the remains of a noble dream: the dream that all Somalis, irrespective of their clan and regional affiliation, can live in mutual harmony and peaceful co-existence. The Union has clearly and demonstrably failed to achieve a harmonious Union of our people. We must know search for other models and paradigms of Somali unity which is not necessary predicated on political unity based on single polity. There no reason why two Somali states, three if you include Djibouti , cannot exists side by side with open boarders and free movements of people, goods and capital. Our recent history and nomadic culture militate against another experiment in political unity. Lets us move forward by abandoning the fiction that the Old Union can be resurrected. It is time to stop the belittling of the achievements of our brothers in the North. It is time to reflect and ask how best to revive the noble dreams of independence.


Dr Eric Williams

A Feedback to "The perils of false Identity & its dire consequence

When such an editorial as this, “The perils of false Identity & its dire consequence on Somali nationals”, is published on WDN, gives me a self assurance on how prolific and informative WDN staff are. This predicament of forging our national passport has been felt among Somali circles regardless of their geographical location.

We, Somalis, have at least a collective agreement on the detrimental reprications invoked by these kinds of activities. As featured in the editorial, it is regrettable how easy its for a foreign national to obtain a Somali passport with a minimum effort.

I personally detest once in a blue moon WDN's articles and that is when they play around with my feelings. Honestly, I don't make much sense out of it since in real journalism I should have never taken granted that WDN's line of thought reconciles always with mine. Job well done WardheerNews and keep up the fine quality work that stands out among the other websites.

I admire you and say, May God guide us all.

Ali Artan, Ca, USA

faaladiina caadifad baa ka muuqata

waxaan leeyahay maamulka wardeer news qaabka aad uga hadasheen arinta wadahadalka zenawi iyo onlf waxaad moodaa odhaahdiinu in ay caadifad qabiil kamuuqato qaabka aad udhigteen hadalada qaar kood markaa walayaal anigoo kamid ah akhristayaasha wargayskan  waxaan idinka codsanyaa in aad ka fiirsataan hadalada macnaha badan loo fahmi karo eed moodo erayo xaasidnimo


jamal kalif abdi


As an avid observer of the opinion columns posted on the popular Somali sites, one comes away feeling overly satiated with the countless opinions, commentary, analysis (quasi) and otherwise. Does the free flow of information at the click of a button and lack of fact checking or peer-review lead to a gateway of over-_expression? What are the actions authors take once they have drafted a road map to whatever social problem they have chosen to address? Is this a road map to nowhere? Can all this knowledge sharing and discourse lead to any tangible outcome?

Societies solve their problems at the grassroots level. We are all yelling from the bleachers and pointing fingers rather than finding unity and peace amongst one another. Do authors feel fulfilled by sharing opinions, commentary, and analysis? Is this a form of self-empowerment? Although most authors tend to agree on certain positions, it appears as though these venues perpetuate fragmentation. Needless to say authors are extremely talented and one hopes they are putting these hobbies into good use. The question is how do these articles enrich its readership? What are readers to gain from your opinions and analysis? Do authors have a certain responsibility to empower others or are we to assume an individualistic perspective?

Addressing societal problems need more than behaviors similar to that of ordering a meal from a restaurant. What is the root cause of our problems? Solutions to these problems do not come prepackaged neither can they be expected to produce results overnight. There is a lack of community; this is something that cannot be achieved through the World Wide Web.

Iman Barako


Dear Editor:

My brother/uncle Mohamed Hussien H. Ali “KHAN's" letter entitled *"Clownish WardheerNews : Clan Politicking for a Lost Cause", *published on July 12, 2005 was yet another golden quality of your professionalism.
You have provided a beautiful lesson for those of us who love peace, justice and equality. I have learned, that our men of war (physical or verbal) have undeniable bond regardless of their regional affiliation. Perhaps, your web site will provide them the medium to truly identify with their own.
Thus, there is a wonderful opportunity for them to do a serious soul searching.

Therefore, never shut them out or shun them in any way, as they need to release the heavy burden of hate that could eventually kill them if not slowly released.

Stay gold,
Sadia Ali Aden

Dear Editor,

Your recent editorial piece titled “Clan Politics: a Solitary Journey to an Empty and Solitude Pride ” was outstanding. It brought me renewed inspiration and hope and I recommend that every Somali with sense of patriotism should read it. In an era in which intellectual bankruptcy is running havoc among Somali websites, WardheerNews is leading the way to a new frontier in intellectual discourse among Somalis.

Ahmed Yusuf

On WardheerNews

I salute WardheerNews. Certainly I can say that Wardheer News is the best truly Somali Website. I am impressed by the talent and the deep knowledge of the editors of WardheerNews. Keep up the good work.

Siyad Geelle

Clan Pollitics and the Somali Flag

I hardly surf any Somali web site because most of them (web sites) are neither entertaining nor providing any solution to our problem. It seems to me that we are all pointing fingers to each other and no one wants to take responsibility.

However, this particular article is well-written and brought tears to my eyes. I grew up peacefully under that flag (you called "The BULUUGLE,") and like the rest of my generation, we have never given any thought about to "The BLUUGLE," but now I m sure I appreciate our beautiful flag "THE BULUUGLE." In addition, the article restores my hope for Somalia. Keep up the good work my fellow Somali maryooley.

Words to my fellow Somalis: the "BULUUGLE" Flag is our inherited treasure from our forefathers. Just remember those who died for that flag.

Abdirizak Abyan

Clan Politics

Thanks for a great editorial. True and enlightening. It sad that
"independence day" is muted and shoved under the carpet by the authorities
when it should have been a day of celebration and re-awakening.

The politics of bitterness and hate propagated by the administration toward
fellow Somali bretheren in the South is both shallow and counterproductive.
How could anyone in his right mind belittle the struggle and sacrifice of
our foreathers and somehow equate the blunders of the dictator with that of
the foreign colonists? The Somali people have also equally suffered the
brutality of the last regime just as our fellow northern citizens. Why blame
the whole Somalis on the misfortunes that took place in the North when the
rest were also victims?

Even if succession is the final choice of the people in the north, why
severe the common bond that holds the Somali dream together?

Rashid Ali

aad baad u mahadsan tihiin , waxaan ka tirisanahay akharistayaashina. waxaan idiin sheegayaa in dadka isaaq la yidhaah uu tashaday 1961 ,marakii ay arkeen dhibaatadda loo geystay, intaasana janiskood sugayay, markaa waxaan idunkula talinayaa ha ku daalina . isaaq  streetka jooga waxaa uu diyaar u yahay in xitaa ay ka goaan dhulbahante iyo warasangali. waxa madax salaax wadda waa madax ku sheega iyo saladiinta.markaas intayadaasu nugu filan, haddi aanu nahay isaaq waxaan ogaanaya in somali weyan tahay waxa aan suurto gal ahayan , oo kolaba qofkii shukaanta haya uu isticamaalo.

Yasin Ibrahin Abdilahi

Clan Politics

Your editorial which appeared on June 24, 2005 was not only a welcome piece
of authentic history of Northern Somalia but also a rebuttal of absurd
attempts by unscrupulous elements within the self-styled secessionist
machinery in Hargeisa.
No Somali who is versed in the history of his/her nation can fail to acknowledge and feel proud of the rich and tremendous contribution of the people of Northern Somalia (formerly British Somaliland Protectorate) in the fight against British Colonialism and the inevitable unification of the two Somali regions i.e. former Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland Protectorate. The confusion, the tragedies, the historical distortions, and the manipulation of tribal instincts in Northern Somalia (Hargeisa) is, unfortunately, not confined to this region of Somalia. The scale and level
of misleading people in the north perpetrating heinous crimes against the genuine history of the Somali people is just too much to bear, and yet still remains unchallenged.

There can be no “Biafra” (Nigeria) and no “Katanga” (Congo) that can successfully happen in Somalia. Both of the above regions failed, at the end, to succeed in their attempts to break away. Unlike Nigeria and Congo, the Somali people share the same language, traditions,
religion, and economic aspects; these factors militate against any success
in the long run.

The Wardheer News editorial seems, at least to me, to be emotionally over-laden but that is excusable because of the sensitive nature of the issue and the reportedly organized gathering set to happen in Los Angeles, California on June 26, 2005. I very much hope that the important international figures who are participants of the scheduled occasion, such as Omar Arte Ghalib and Abdirahim Aby, whose individual inputs and brilliant careers in Somali history and state formation are subjects of national pride and treasure, will honestly and clearly state their positions and discourage the furthering of futile secessionistic dreams and the weakening of the
Somali nation in this most critical time of its national history.

I am not, in the least, worried about the farcical theatrics of the type of
people like former captain Riyaale, who calls himself president of
“Somaliland”, or his interior minister, a flamboyant character who is akin
in terms of behavior to Godefroid Munongo, Moise Tshombe's interior minister
in former Katanga or, for that matter, Feysal Ali Warabe, a former real
estate broker in Mogadishu, who is willing to make every conceivable
irresponsible statement on their behalf. The absolute majority of the
educated class who hail from the northern region have indirectly or directly
abstained from any involvement in ongoing schemes to dismember Somalia as a

It is time to expose the danger of becoming a slave to cultural imperialism and come to the realization that unity is the only way to stand up again and rise up to the defense of the true history of our country and people despite the dire situation and the social, political, and economic traumas we have been in for more than a decade.

Ahmed Haile

Absolutely Superb

Dear Wardheernews Editors, Your latest article "Clan Politics" was absolutely a superb masterpiece. You have just scored another home-run with bases loaded. This has proven to many web-cholic readers like me  that Wardheernews  is the only issue oriented Somali web site that existed today.  Therefore, there is no doubt in my mind that you showed not only the great journalistic skills of your editorial staff, but also the reason why Wardheernews  should be rated the Number One  Somali Web site . Gentlemen, keep up the good work.

A. Abdillahi,
San Diego

"Clan Politics: a Solitary Journey to an Empty and Solitude Pride" is absolutely beautiful piece.

I have been reading Wardheerenews for only few months now, and I must say that I am one gratified human being. Where have you been Gentlemen, when our history and integrity became a fair game for every paid fool. Please continue breathing live into the soul of Somalia as she stands naked in the highway of horn of Africa.  
May Allah (swt) guide you as you fight for peace, justice and equality.  
Please stay gold, 
Sadia Aden

Shame on WardheerNews Not on Hargeysa

Waxa aan muran ka taagneyn in ay xadgudub, foolxumo iyo dambiba ku tahey banii'aadminmada in reeraha qaarkood loo takooro isir ahaan. Waxa kale oo aanu muran ka taagneyn in ay Somalida sida ay u dhantahay ay takooraan kuna xadgudbaan xuquuqda dadka walaalahood ah ee Gabooyaha. waxa laakiin wax aad loola yaaba ah in WardheerNews ay Hargeysa iyo reerka tiro ahaan u badan ay u sawiraan in ay yihiin kuwa Gabooyaha ku haya cadaadiska u xun marka Somalida kale loo eego!

WardheerNews waxay maqaalkooda ku yidhaahdeen: "Waxa ayaan darro ah, askar ka soo jeedda qaar sheegta in ay ka dhiidhiyeen xasuuqii Jaziira, in ay toogashada inanka Gabooye ka dambeeyeen". WardheerNews waxay isku dayeysaa in ay akhristayaasha ka dhaadhiciso in toogashada marxuumku ay aheyd weerar reerka Isaaqa la yidhaa ku soo qaadey Gabooyaha!

Iyadoo qof caqli lihi ama Ilaahay ka baqayaa aanu daafici karin dil lagu faley qof Muslin ah qabiilkuu doono ha ahaado e, ayaa suaasha loo baahanyahey in la is weydiiyo waxa ay tahay yaa diley marxuum Khadar? Ma askari ina Riyaale u shaqeeya ayaa diley? Mise waxa diley nin uu reerkoodu soo direy oo maliishiya qabiil ka tirsan? Waxan WardheerNews xusuusinayaa in aanu Ina Riyaale reer Hargeysana aheyn, Isaaqna aanu aheyn. Waxa kale oo aan jeclaan lahaa in ay WardheerNews noo sheegto inta nin ee gabooye ah ee Hargeysa lagu diley intii ay nabadgalyadu ku soo noqotey Somaliland.

WardheerNews ma noo sheegi kartaa inta qof ee isaaq ah ee ay booliska Somaliland dileen muddooyinkii dambe? Iyo inta qof ee isaaq ah ee ku jira jeelasha Hargeysa? WardheerNews miyey ka war haysaa, wixii qas, dagaal, dhac, iyo bililiqo ka dhacey Hargeysa iyo nawaaxigeeda in aanu jirin qof gabooye ah oo jagadiisii ama meeshii uu degganaa laga qaadey oo illaa maanta laga haysto? Isbarbardhiga Somalida kale iyo Somaliland waxa igaga filan, reeraha iyagu gudahooda iska dilaya, ama Soomaalida aan Gabooyaha aheyn ee iyagu is dilaya, laga filimaayo in ay Gabooye iyo reer kaletoonaa u dhawraan naf, maal, iyo xuquuq aadami midnaba.

A. Hassan

WardheerNews: Great minds, Great products!

A team spear-headed by Faisal Roble (Editor-In-Chief), Ahmed Hassan (Managing Editor), Abdikarim Hassan (Publisher) and Yusuf Hassan (Webmaster) started Wardheer News only few months ago. However, the site is probably the hottest newcomer among the Somali sites at the moment. Unlike other websites which promote myopic tribalist interests or politically divisive regional agendas, Wardheer News takes a national view on the political and social issues facing our country. Hence, they earned lots of respect from the Somali people in the diaspora and at home.

I have no doubt in my mind that Wardheer News will be a leading website for Somali news and commentaries in the not so distant future. Hats off for the Wardheer News Team!

B. Ainashe




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