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Jihad & Crusades: Are They Really One & the Same - By: Mahad M. Hassan - When one turns on the television to the various news channels, what does one see? The overwhelming majority of the time Full Article
UMANAAN FADHIYIN...UMANAABAN FAADHIMAYSAN - By: A. Carwo-Mid kale waxa iyana waqti qaatay buuxintii xubintii komishinka ka dhinayd,oo M/Weynuhu u arkay mid gobal leeyahay, waliba reer leeyahay, weliba qoys leeyahay. Full Article
The Al-Ittihad factor in Somali politics - By: Mohamed Jibrell -Those loyal to Al-Ittihad leader, Mr. Aweis have created hatred and sectarian Full Article
The Samatars' Destructive Grand Delusion- By: Ainashe - In short, the Samatars grand compromise is at best a counterproductive grand delusion that will serve no purpose. Full Article
Neurobehavioral Results of the Somali Warlords: A parody -By: Dr. Ali Said Faqi - An IGAD research institute funded by the IPF has set up a special research unit composed of leading virologists in the region consisting of Dr. Yuveri Musevani , Dr. Meles Zenawi , Dr. Ismail Gelle , Full Article
SNM back in Vogue ! By: Ahmed Keyse- The late president has faced antagonism for his pragmatic approach to instilling civil society values in battle hardened SNM fighters. Full Article
SNM in Balance: By: Ali Bahar - Of course, Ignorance and unbridled greed had to have determined the outcome of the war in some instances, in that the leadership of SNM might not have known all the terrors and Full Article
The Saudi Executions: Un-Islamic and Extra-judicial Killing- By: Abdul Wahid Sheikh Osman - In the absence of any credible and fair sentencing guidelines, appeal process and competent legal defense in Full Article
Beware  the BBC Somali Service- By: Mohamoud Oogle-What Yussuf Garad has done to the BBC Somali Service is a mirror image of what his alter egos, the warlords, had done Full Article
A Critique of “Impasse Over Moqdishu:  A Grand Compromise” - By: Ismail Ali Ismail - As for the “Grand Compromise” which the Boards is calling for, I am truly baffled as I cannot reconcile between the Board's statement that it Full Article
Dealing with the devils: Somalia 's warlords - By: Mohamoud Oogle- Unless we act now and ensure the survival and functioning of the government established in Nairobi , there might come a time in the not too distant future when Somalia would no longer exist as a state but only in history Full Article
RAGGII MA ADIGAA KA HADHAY?- By: Axmed Carwo- Madaxweyne halkuu taas u arki lahaa guul, isla markaasna ujeedsan lahaa sida doorasho degdeg ahi u dhici lahayd, waxuu ka door biday inuu fasax iyo ganacs Full Article
Caught Between Two Continents -By: Mohamed Mukhtar- Politically Somalia is in a no-win situation. When Arta conference, which enjoyed the support of the Arab states, Full Article
The Real Reason of Reoccupying Baidoa-By: Eng. Abdulkadir M. Abow- Now, armed with a dubious decision of the parliament, the propaganda machine started rolling, the BBC guys from Koronto to his boss Ina Garaad started praising the lord and telling Full Article
From Hope to an Inferno-By Ahmed Hassan - The year 2004 will go down in history, as a negative spot in the fragile democratic process of Somaliland and this year is not fairing any better so far. Full Article
The final conflict: Winner takes all- By: Mohamoud Mussa- If we are really concerned, how about debating what is important and impending rather than inflaming emotions for war that may signal the end of all our hopes. Remember only the corrupt willl take comfort in the Full Article
Is The Government Loosing The Propaganda War? By: B. Ainanshe-I could not help but kept asking "Ma'anaa waalan mise Cadan baa laga heesayaa?" How could this little and unelected man, accountable to nobody in Somalia exercise such enormous political power Full Article
Truculent Abdiqasim and his Warlords- By: Ahmed Hersi - The TNG of Abdiqasim did not fail because of deficient trust and support from nationwide but deceptive schemes that betrayed its promises and which had led to the treacherous Full Article
A Commentary on Faisal Robleh's “ Warlords Don't Love Ethiopia- By: Ismail Ali Ismail- There was an agreement between Mengistu on the one hand and a triumvirate of Somali war-lords Full Article
Warlords Don't Love Ethiopia-By: Faisal A Roble- Today, irrespective of past affinity, all these groups are using Ethiopia as their bogyman to get to the top price and that is derailing Abdulahi Full Article
The Gate Keepers of The STatus Quo: A Profie- By: Said Saryan- These are unholy alliances of Warlords, War Profiteers, Warlords masquerading as Islamist Movements, international toxin dumping Mafia-affiliated Syndicates. Full Article
The Tears of Justice" and The Power Abuse in the Somali Region ; By: Gatraad Abdimaalik- In contrast to the above, the current Somali Regional Government, certainly, works in reverse direction and against the constitution in all aspects. Full Article
The Speaker Has No Clothes; By: Abdirahman Hosh- He or she must be bi-partisan and refrain from wading in to the merits or the demerits of issues brought before his court. Full Article
Is Kulmiye party a credible alternative in Somaliland; By A. Keyse-The main opposition party in Somaliland , Kulmiye , has long been blamed for failing to capitalise on the democratic and-Full Article
Shacab Diifaysan: By Ismacil A Hassan-Dawlad la'aantu waxay ku bartaa qiimaha ay dawaldnimadu leedahay. Taas ayaanan filayaa inay u sabab tahay weedha ay Soomaalidu beryahan dambe sida-Full Article
When intellectuals are not catalyst for tangible change: By: Mohamed Mukhtar-f you carefully examine the activities of Somali intellectuals, it is clear that they have been playing oddly and contradicting roles. Full Article
The Elephant in the Room: By Abdelkarim A. Hassan- Flipping the coin as to whether peacekeeping troops should or should not be brought to Somalia is not the issue.Full Article
Premier Ali Geedi and President Abdillahi Yussuf may win the battle only to lose the war By: Prof.Hussein Ahmed Warsame - Few people can quarrel with the need for the deployment of neutral foreign troops in Somalia to help in the disarmament of rival militias. Full Article

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