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Somalia 's Hope Should Not Remain Hostage to the Warlords



The momentum of this important occasion should not be lost at this juncture in the history of Somalia when millions of Somalis, both at home and the Diaspora anxiously await for the reestablishment of a functioning recognized government, which would occupy its rightful place in the family of nations. Despite the present challenges, this cherished goal should be within our reach sooner than later.

Warlord Yalaxow Should not be Allowed to Derail Efforts to Pacify Mogadishu



Ill-informed he is. But, fool Yalaxow is not. He intentionally fired his comments at an opportune time – when a high delegation of the government, including him, was sent to Mogadishu as part of a comprehensive fact finding mission prior to the relocation of the government to Mogadishu. Mr. Yalaxow cleverly did not speak his mind in Nairobi, Kenya, for he probably would not have gotten away with it, but waited to do so until he returned to his backyard turf – Mogadishu.

Somalia : A Time to Lead!

Ali Fatah

There are nonetheless specific reasons for their current confrontation with the TFG. These are many and varied. For one thing, Mogadishu warlords such as Qanyare, Yalaxow and Caato have vested interest in and are desperate to prolong the lawlessness that prevails in their respective domains within Mogadishu and a couple of other locales in the south under their purview.


Said Saryan

The answer to the above perplexing questions lies in the fact that there are beneficiaries of the rotten Status Quo, who are always on guard against any attempt to change it.   These are unholy alliances of Warlords, War Profiteers, Warlords masquerading as Islamist Movements, international toxin dumping Mafia-affiliated Syndicates, thieves who occupy private and public property and Pastoral Nomads, who invaded and occupied the southern regions on the banks of the Shabbelle and the Juba rivers (the agricultural heartland of Somalia ).

Change of tone:The Daily Psychoevolutionary Mode of Mogadishu warlords

Ali Bahar

This change of tone suggests that these warlords are once again going back to their primitive war ritual after they realized that they wouldn't sustain constant attrition if faced with a gorilla war with Ethiopia lest they face extinction. Their wars in the past have become increasingly tied to the achievements of materialistic goals; acquisition, in and of itself, became a primary rationalization for war.


The Speaker should have tabled the motion as is . He is the speaker and has no power to change the wordings of any motion brought forth in to parliament. His sole role is to rule, whether motions tabled in to parliament are deliberated according to procedural practices of parliament, which I may add, must follow internationally acceptable standards. Any Speaker, by convention, is an arbiter of parliamentary rules and procedures and must be a disinterested party to any debate that is tabled in parliament.

The Real Reason of Reoccupying Baidoa
Eng. Abdulkadir M. Abow
Toronto, Canada
March, 29, 2005

Lately, since IGAD and the new Transitional Federal Government of Somalia showed some seriousness about bringing law and order to Somalia, especially the war ravaged Mogadishu, we have witnessed the most sophisticated propaganda machine put together by clan based coalition of ruthless warlords, hypocrite “Sheikhs”, amateur media and war profiteering business groups.

Pres. Abdullahi Yuusuf & Prime Minister Ali M.Geedi

They organized demonstrations for support of the dubious parliament decision to reject neighboring countries' intervention and silenced the voices of those who believe intervention was necessary. They even manipulated some of the international organizations like International Crises Group (ICG) through their sophisticated propaganda spin and now they are getting more desperate and starting to attack the two cities Mr. Geddi's cabinet approved to become the temporary seat of the government while militias in Mogadishu are disarmed. However, the real reason of attacking and reoccupying Baidoa has nothing to do with making peace, it is all about keeping the country in this ruined state for the benefit of a small minority group (above mentioned coalition).

IGAD and the government headed by Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf and Mr. Geddi weighed their options and realized that militias should be disarmed before the relocation of the government to Mogadishu the capital of the country. I totally agree with them, otherwise they will become hostage to the so-called business people who got rich of exporting anything that is worth selling.


Shariif Hassan- The speaker of the Transitional parliament

When the motion was tabled at the parliament we know there was a bloody fight as the votes were counted and the speaker himself told the BBC Somali Service when asked how he was able to count the votes in the midst of confusion and chaos he said: “ we know each other, we heard the opinions of the deputies, and we all live in the same hotels” meaning that there is no need to count “Yeas” and “Nays”, apparently the speaker did not get the intent and the purpose of the discussions and not only he already made up his mind before he came to the meeting he also decided what the exact numbers of the result would be.

Now, armed with a dubious decision of the parliament, the propaganda machine started rolling, the BBC guys from Koronto to his boss Ina Garaad started praising the lord and telling the public the victory for the nation; the amateur online news sites owned and operated by warlords also started publishing exaggerated or sometimes baseless information about the support of the decision in various parts of the country. The most laughable piece was when a BBC journalist, one of the new wave of journalists asked the residents of Marka about their opinion of the parliament's decision and all you could hear was a bunch of guys with strong Mudug and Galgaduud accent saying that they support the decision. I ask myself where are the real reer Marka people? Trust me I know the differences of those various accents and dialects.

For the business groups who benefited from the war and want to keep the nation under their mercy know by now, it is very hard to sell Mogadishu based warlords as nationalists, so they decided to crown a new hero, not surprisingly, is one them who owe much of his success in business and power to Mogadishu merchants. He disguised himself as an impartial chairperson whose only interest is to make sure that the house is in order and legislations are passed in a fair and legal way. We have witnessed neither order nor impartiality. It is amazing how quick people show their true face, can we trust the highest post of our legislative body to someone like this?

Yuusuf Indhacadde

Of course, there were no demonstrations supporting the government in Mogadishu , Afgoye, Daafeet (Wanlaweyn), Marka, Barava, Jilib, Jamama and Kismayo because the occupying militias silenced the masses. Ruthless, hypocrite sheikh who is the head of the militias occupying Lower Shabeele is trying to expand his power to Bay and Bakool after he was invited by local warlord to help him silence the demonstrations supporting the cabinet decision of appointing Baidoa as temporary seat of the government. Their strategy is to make Baidoa a war zone and blame for Abdullahi Yusuf and Geddi and at the same time make Mogadishu save for a short period of time, until we all fall for their dirty tricks.

The real reason Indhocadde attacked Baidoa and reoccupied is to show the world there is no support for IGAD army to come to Somalia , and not certainly as he put it with his disgusting laughter on BBC Somali Service to make peace between the parties. History is repeating itself in our life time, the notorious Aided attacked Baidoa a decade ago in a similar situation and his son took over after his death until he was eventually chased out by RRA, the biggest mistake RRA ever made was not to go after the defeated militias and kick them out of the interriverine areas once and for all.

No matter what these crooks and their cronies say, people know who they are; they are public enemy number one; they will use every trick on the book and every card to make sure they derail every effort to make peace. They will use nationalistic nostalgia, clan sentiments, religious justifications or even force to mobilize and recruit destitute youth. How dare they say they care about the country, when they knowingly supply QAT and other drugs to children, the future generation and when they destroyed the environment by allowing illegal dumping of toxic and nuclear waste?

To the president and prime minister and members of the parliament who care about the country, do not give up and keep your eyes on the ball the majority is with you. We support and appreciate any country that will assist us to get out of this mess. And may I add that May Allah Bless YOU!


Eng. Abdulkadir M. Abow

Toronto, Canada



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