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By Faisal Roble
March 21, 2005
The story of Somali collective memory is told and retold as being short and selective.   Here is another variation of such a story pertaining to the controversy about Ethiopian peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

Somalia 's Hope Should Not Remain Hostage to the Warlords



The momentum of this important occasion should not be lost at this juncture in the history of Somalia when millions of Somalis, both at home and the Diaspora anxiously await for the reestablishment of a functioning recognized government, which would occupy its rightful place in the family of nations. Despite the present challenges, this cherished goal should be within our reach sooner than later.

Warlord Yalaxow Should not be Allowed to Derail Efforts to Pacify Mogadishu



Ill-informed he is. But, fool Yalaxow is not. He intentionally fired his comments at an opportune time – when a high delegation of the government, including him, was sent to Mogadishu as part of a comprehensive fact finding mission prior to the relocation of the government to Mogadishu. Mr. Yalaxow cleverly did not speak his mind in Nairobi, Kenya, for he probably would not have gotten away with it, but waited to do so until he returned to his backyard turf – Mogadishu.

Somalia : A Time to Lead!

Ali Fatah

There are nonetheless specific reasons for their current confrontation with the TFG. These are many and varied. For one thing, Mogadishu warlords such as Qanyare, Yalaxow and Caato have vested interest in and are desperate to prolong the lawlessness that prevails in their respective domains within Mogadishu and a couple of other locales in the south under their purview.

Truculent Abdiqasim and his Warlords

By: Ahmed Hersi
March 27 ,2005
Abdiqasim Salad Hassan Head of the TNG

I was surfing the net when I came across an article, titled, “Somalia must pay arrears to win new loans,” on March 25, which was addressed to the newly-established Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG). It demands the payment of an outstanding $430 million that was given to the former transitional government (TNG) in the form of assistance. Thus, in order to win a new loan, the new government must pay it as a condition for another loan.

Suddenly, a wave of shock interrupted my thought process from its natural course, a normal course of recycling previous information that my brain had recorded and used for a period of five years. Initially, I was impressed by the said integrity of Abdiqasim as authority figure and democratically elected president, but I was proven entirely wrong of these pre-recorded conceptions. In fact, my country was never forgotten in terms of humanitarian and financial aid despite the ceaseless blight of Somalia. The TNG of Abdiqasim did not fail because of deficient trust and support from nationwide but deceptive schemes that betrayed its promises and which had led to the treacherous renegades. In this regard, Abdiqasim and his former interim government stand responsible for the onerous task that was left unfulfilled, along with the subsequent corruption and embezzlement, which sprang up after the government began to function in Somalia. Dr. Ali Khalif's defection, for instance, with an alleged sum of national funds was a noteworthy lead of the TNG's collapse and succeeding activities that eroded its resources.

Faced with uncertainties, Abdiqasim underestimated the effective reshuffling of his cabinet to rescue it from further duplicity and duress. The twilight of fascist culture ringed in his mind and it was an opportune time for him to change his political philosophy. He thought of  himself as the aggressed and not the aggressor of the burdensome task. As Sam Izu once said, “it is a tragic world but a world without guilt for its tragic flow is not a flow of human nature.” 

Abdiqasim was guilty of absolving himself of any guilt for the tragic flow of his actions . The myriad evidences of internal conflicts and the indifference to it, constitute glaring prima facie case for the bygone money. Besides, this change of him per se was blunderingly moral trajectory for a president widely perceived as trustworthy and religious pundit.

The article has stressed and demanded of where that $430M had gone. “Impoverished Somalia must clear $430 million of debt arrears to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund before the bank can start lending to the new government, a bank official said on Thursday,” it said. The press release from World Bank came in response to TFG's appeal to donors for $77.3 Million for its relocation and reconstruction budget.

Abdiqasim was indeed very silent and fastidious in his personal plots. In it, he receded to the practice of fascism kindly similar to that of former president Siad Barre, using nepotism, blandishments, intimidation, oppression, arbitrary killings, embezzlements, etc. In two years, Abdiqasim had built multitude militia factions loyal to his cause and transitional government, who mostly identified with his clan (Ceyr). The creation of Juba Valley Alliance (JVA) and powerful Islamic organizations ensued as part of ongoing secret deals with different interests and faces. Like the “manifest destiny doctrine of 19th century,” He sought land expansion by aggressively investing in his tribesmen and allies with abundance of money that afforded them the purchase of modern munitions mounted on hundreds of pick-up trucks. They easily conquered the coastal and riverine localities south of Mogadishu. How much misery and horror his militias factions have inflicted on the local people of these areas stay limitless.

Until now, these multitude militia factions hold hostages of the defenseless urban and agricultural societies that live in areas starting from Mogadishu south to Kismayu. They operate under the commanders of a previously unheard number of warlords, who in their daily pillaging, killing, raping, and extorting the locals, have carved out notorious names such as Indha Cade, Galaal, and etc. They have even began to arrogate proprietary rights to their clans about the territories in which they have forcefully occupied and ruled under martial law.

Abdiqasim did not stop there. He confides to his so called strongmen to continue their systematic land expansion and indiscriminate eradication of local resistance so that they can continue milking the cow. It is a series of odd monstrous activity that turned the whole southern Somalia into complex intricate web of fiefdoms. With the soaring statistics of poverty and extreme mortality rate, these infamous activities will continue unless they are stopped by forceful measures and stern actions from IGAD.

The Warlords have reiterated so many times that they will never give up or compromise for their illegal occupations and the current status quo with or without the agreement they had entered and signed in Kenya. At times, they contrive excuses of wanton exclusion of some IGAD countries from frontline states particularly Ethiopia, accusing them of having ulterior motives. This position is plainly devoid of persuasive weight in terms of international law standards. Basically, the sovereignty of a nation is safeguarded from enemy invasion by International law. The U.N can wage a just war against the aggressor under the just causes of war doctrine that uphold one of the principles of U.N charter that if a country is invaded illegally, it should receive the protection of world wide support militarily and economically. Hence, the right of intention of Ethiopia's involvement in Somalia is blocked from violation of territorial integrity except enhancement of security and safety for the TFG.

Somalia needs military intervention at this circumstantial stage. Warlords can not seek a way out of this marriage contract they lastly vowed to uphold its pillars and to be liable for its proviso. Nor can they stipulate a condition for which the government should take alternatively. I believe the cause of what is generating this mayhem and wanton intentions is the initial recommendations given by the gullible International Crisis Group that Somali parliamentarians should always consider consensus and compromise over their pressing issues.

Rationally, consensus cast insoluble riddles on practical solutions. It also empowers the cunning plots of these warlords to sabotage the two-year long peace process. Therefore, this plaintive yearning for solution by ICG is unworkable and dispensable. The government should pursue general vote for every pressing agendas, which I think it is pursuing them effectively and efficiently, a just aim that would accomplish militia disarmament, tranquility, enforcement, and legitimate institutions for this exiled government. This step could also be a golden chance to improve itself from the ruthless remnants of Abdiqaasim's former TNG.


Ahmed Hersi

San Diego, Ca



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Maqaalkani wuxuu ka turjumayaa aragtida Qoraaga loomana fasiran karo tan WardheerNews

We welcome the submission of all articles for possible publication on So please email your article today Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of WardheerNews

Maqaalkani wuxuu ka turjumayaa aragtida Qoraaga loomana fasiran karo tan WardheerNews

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